Ash Catacombs
Ash Catacombs image
Ash Catacombs 1
Vital statistics
Type Instance
Level 1-30
Location Puretia
Inhabitants Dragons, Bats, Insects


  • Name of Dungeon: Ash Catacombs
  • Location: North of Arboran
  • Type: Instance
  • Players: Solo (Explore) or Group (Adventure)
  • Required Kills for Dungeon Quest: 40
  • Rare Dragon: Sickle Fang
  • Dungeon Ancient: Indigo Flare

This dungeon is located at the north of Arboran. It is inhabited by Windrider dragons, bats, and more. The dungeon is harder than ordinary dungeons and mobs spawn fast. Also, the mob's attack is high. Although most of the creatures there is level 23-25, it is recommended that players go there when they're at least level 27-28. Have fun fighting!

Entrance TextEdit

The Ash Catacombs were discovered several years ago by the Eye of Logath organization and their archaeologists are conducting further research about the history that has been buried with time. Their work is being hindered by the Shadow Dragons who have made the depths of the catacombs their home. The archaeologists are seeking someone who can lend them a hand...






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