Avanah's Omen
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Avanahs omen
Vital statistics
Type Instance
Level  ?
Location Satuma
Inhabitants Dragons, Giants


  • Name of Dungeon: Avanah's Omen
  • Location: Satuma
  • Type: Instance
  • Players: Solo (explore) or Group (adventure)
  • Rare Dragon: Shade Chaser
  • Dungeon Ancient: Jade Soul

Entrance TextEdit

Strange phenomena have begun in the Avanah Omen, a valley near Hunak. The Avanah Omen was once home to many Dragonkin, but not much has been seen or heard from this area until the disappearance of Nilotar, a famous Osiran adventurer. Since Nilotar was lost, escaped Dragonkin are vanishing when they enter the valley, strange howls are heard at night, and massive corpses are appearing from out of nowhere. Now, Forest Giants have been seen near Hunak, and are posing a great threat. The residents of Hunak need help from more Osira to rid Avanah Omen of these Forest Giants…are you up for the challenge?