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Vital Statistics
Level 15 or player level
Zone Laedis
Region Dungeons
Family Ancient
Running Speed 170%
Flight Speed 170%
Gliding Speed 170%
Wild HP 6,190
Title Met Balge
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Balge is an Ancient Dragon found in Laedis inside Aryna's Lair, Nyrol's Nest and Gaesis' Roost. Balge shares the same model as Aryna's Offspring. This extremely rare dragon has a .12% spawn rate within the three listed dungeons and has two chances to spawn, when you enter the dungeon and after the boss is defeated. Upon capture all of Balge's slots are blank, the number always being random. It has been found that occasionally when you first enter Nyrol's Nest if Balge has spawned you will receive the message "A faint growl can be heard somewhere" but it has been confirmed that the growl does not always appear when a Balge is spawned. Balge will spawn at level 15 with 6,190 health on easy mode.

Because of his extremely low hit points, the following strategy is recommended:

  • Take off all armor items and carry in inventory.
  • Take off weapons and replace with low level weapon.
  • Switch to an empty talent specialization, if possible.
  • Use a very weak attack on Balge, only damage him once, and pray you don't kill him.


  • Bring a dragon with the soul skill Spine Shield.
  • When Balge spawns, activate Spine Shield and approach Balge. He will attack you, slowly damaging himself in the process. Spam the capture button while he is damaging himself, so he doesn't accidentally kill himself.

Balge can be spawned in a specific area in each dungeon:

  • Nyrol's Nest: Can be found standing in the main hallway which leads to Nyrol's Offspring. (Currently stands unmoving in the center of the bridge beyond the three frogs next to the rats nest.)
  • Aryna's Lair: Balge can be found at the edge of the cliffs next to Aryna's Offspring whom it shares appearance with. This is the only area in which Balge can be obtained through the point system

Dragon CompendiumEdit

"Balge's appearance frequently alarms Auratia's Legendary Dragons the moment they spot it, however they need not worry as it did not inherit its Legendary Parent's divine power. Extremely powerful in its own right, Balge is one of the most sought after Dragons, and many Osirans waste away they days wandering through Aryna's Lair, Gaesis' Roost and Nyrol's Nest in Laedis hoping to catch a glimpse of it."

Quick Guide
Location Zone Ancient no
Dungeon Ancient

Laedis Dungeons; extremely low spawn rate in Nyrol's Nest, Aryna's Lair, and Gaesis' Roost. Spawns at level 15 on normal and your level on adventure with very low HP. It is recommended to run the dungeon on hard mode as many players have reported accidentally killing him on normal.

Balge is currently only in the point system in Aryna's Lair.

Roaming Ancient no

Melodic & Resonating Draconic Flutes

Clear Energy Flutes no
Other Dragon Flutes no
Marketplace Egg no
Gotcha no
Other Purchase no
Other Special Process no
Special Reward no
Dragon Incubation Yes

Dragon EggsEdit

This dragon comes from the following Unhatched Dragon Eggs:


  • Balge was added to the game after a bug made Aryna's Offspring accidentally tamable for a short period during open beta testing. 
  • Balge's beta name was "Valk".
  • Before gaining a unique title, Balge shared the title "Ebony Thorn's Ruler".
  • Previously, Balge had a bug where he would use only passive skills. A previous patch fixed the ability to use both active and passive skills and they now function properly. 
  • Previously when flying on Balge the player would ride inside of his stomach, and the minimap would show you facing backwards the entire time.
  • Balge was given 5% spawn rate on the Taiwan server but remains at .12% on the NA and EU servers.
  • Starting in April 2014, players can purchase an auto-looting pet called Balge's Hatchling, a Companion Pet, from the Marketplace.

(info supplied by DPHQS and the video ALL ANCIENTS FACTS AND TRIVIAby Adena)


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