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30icon Kill Corrupted Ironclaw Dragon in Omati GorgeEdit

30icon Kill Howler in Seething CaveEdit

30icon Kill Leader of Mysterious People in Arboran RuinsEdit

10icon Arrest: Nightwind (Mount Ayden)Edit

10icon Arrest: Mardon the Mad Dog (Fatoia Quarry)Edit

10icon Arrest: Aqua Dragon King (Charmaza Falls)Edit

10icon Arrest: Hookwing (Kleios Glen)Edit

10icon Arrest: Pabua the Secret Keeper (Nileo Highlands)Edit

Completion RewardsEdit

Reward level: 10Edit

GoldCoin 100 Gold Coin

Reward level: 20Edit

GoldCoin 200 Gold Coin

Reward level: 40Edit

GuildCont 2 Guild Contribution

Reward level: 70Edit

GuildCont 3 Guild Contribution

Reward level: 80Edit

GoldCoin 300 Gold Coin

Reward level: 100Edit

GoldCoin 400 Gold Coin

GuildCont 5 Guild Contribution

Reward level: 120Edit

GoldCoin 500 Gold Coin

Reward level: 140Edit

GoldCoin 660 Gold Coin

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