Dryad elder1

Trying to compile a list of all the inhabitants of Auratia. Please feel free to add pictures, information, etc.


Asterisk indicates "Elite" or "Boss" Mob

Alchemical Waste Apurian Ambusher Apurian Assailant
Apurian Destroyer Apurian Digger Rat Apurian Finder
Apurian Grave Robber Apurian Patrol Leader Apurian Plunderer
Apurian Transporter Black-clad Guard Black Sewer Rat
Capac Dire Wolf Alpha Capac Wild Boar Chomper Rat
Cloudwool Sheep Corrupted Skyreaper Dragon Dullado the Hole Driller *
Forest Bustler Frilled Marmot Galika the Plunderer *
Grasslands Rabbit Mandodit the Mad Crow * Mangled Zombie
Marsh Croaker Oredo Paeon * Parsing Fruit Bat
Parsing Wild Bear Parsing Wild Boar Parsing Wild Deer
Poisoned Chomper Rat Poisoned Rosebeak Ostriack Rainbow Forest Singer
Rampaging Zombie * Reanimated Villager Rosebeak Ostriack
Savage Wolfwing Dragon Scavenger Beetle Shadow Iron Guardian *
Shax Alchemist Skytouched Dragon Test Subject Spiked Razorback Dragon
Spiny Needler Sunbeak Ostriak* Sunbeak Ostriak Queen*
Toughshell Stalwart Dragon Treacherous Prowler Twisted Corrupter
Verdant Predator Dragon Vicious Duskscale Dragon Vicious Ghoul
Wandering Zombie Wet Hoof Archer Wet Hoof Battle Boar Elite
Wet Hoof Battle Captain Wet Hoof Harasser Wet Hoof Patroller
Wet Hoof Worker Woodland Big-toothed Rat Zombie Manipulator

Consus Cave

Abnormal Thunderous Raging Dragon

Abnormal Verdant Predator Dragon

Ash Rock Paragon Dragon

Cave Spider Darkbloom Deathpetal Fiendish Corruptor
Flower Beast Emerald Purple Paragon Dragon Raging Storm


Field Rover
Rock Rat Sky Lake Crane


Anorris Shagcoat Arctic Cave Rat
Cold Iron Guard Cold Iron Sentinel

Grasslands Rabbit

Torran Crowned Milu

Frontier: Baerton IslandsEdit

Arctic Savage Astral Crown Giant Frog Black Iron Golem
Boulder Shell Bug Brightscale Thresher Dragon Burrowhead Thrashtail Dragon
Burrowing Blind Rat Cactus Dryad Clay Golem
Clearwater Aqua Dragon Corrupted Shax Medicine Dense Forest Mimic
Dragon Mantis Dryad Elder Duskglow Wolfwing Dragon
Earth Golem Earthen Lancehead Dragon Exiled Goblin Hunter
Exiled Goblin Leader Exiled Goblin Minion Exiled Goblin Witch Doctor
Exiled Goblin Workman Flame Rock Ancient Beast Forest Deer
Forest Golem Furry Rat Giant Rock Golem
Giant Trap Grass Grass Antelope Grassland Running Lizard
Greenrock Red-Tailed Scorpion Gun Thorn Buffalo Hamor
Hard Rock Golem Heavy-Ridge Buffalo Hot Sand Lizard
Hunter Dire Wolf Hurricane Elemental Ice Blue Penguin
Ice Feather Simour Indigold Bristleback Dragon Indigold Hardshell Dragon
Indigold Sphere-Shell Bug Jade Beetle Jungle Windrider Dragon
Lanos Leaf-Eating Beast Mosshorn Raptor Dragon
Nightslayer Predator Dragon Nightstalker Cockatrice Dragon Ownerless Shax Zombie
Phosphorescence Beetle Plains Lord Plains Tapir
Ranger Dryad Rippleridge Tidewalker Dragon Rock Tiger
Rocky Armored Beast Royal Blue Great Horn Beetle Savage Giant Beast
Shay Seymour Silver Bladeskin Dragon Silver Golem
Simour Skywind Predator Dragon Snow Crystal Huntsman
Snow Sphere Shell Bug Spring Water Elemental Spiky Needle Squirrel
Snapping Mudtongue Dragon Stone Bear Thorned Basilisk Dragon
Turbulence Elemental Uncontrollable Shax Guinea Pig Vile Skullhorn Dragon
Violet-Glow Traveling Crane Wandering Bahruse Wandering Shax Golem
Wandering Sky Pirate Bandit Wandering Sky Pirate Leader Wandering Sky Pirate Scout
Wandering Sky Pirate Thug Wasteland Crowned Leaf Crab Wasteland Heavy Shell Scorpion
Whirlpool Elemental White Crown Eagle Dog Withered Leaf Mimic

Boss MobsEdit

Consus Cave -- Thundereous Ragewing Dragon King

Thunderage dragonking1
Thunderage dragonking4
Thunderage dragonking3
Thunderage dragonking6


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