Vital Statistics
Level 46
Zone Wynnadia
Region Nameless Keep
Family Razorspine
Running Speed 180%

Dragon CompendiumEdit

"Originally a test subject in Wynnadia's Nameless Keep, a researcher's errors caused mutations - its skin turned pale, its teeth grew razor sharp, and its temperament became extremely brutal."


Blinktail is a dungeon rare Razorspine dragon and is found in Nameless Keep in Wynnadia. It is an extremely common flute spawn from blue and purple Draconic Flutes.

He runs down the corridor from the Corrupted/Captured Wynnadia Dragons to the lab room. Other mobs will attack him, proving him to be a difficult capture.


Blinktail is often referred to as "Blinky" by players in-game. His Beta name was "Whitened Mutated Wyvern".


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