• 0Yuuyake0

    December News

    December 6, 2015 by 0Yuuyake0

    So in the past little while I've moved some guides written by Blau and Oric over (with permission) because apparently they will be closing their site whenever the hosting payment runs out.

    I've made a new feature our former admin Tayva came up with last year - dragons organized into categories based on their color. You like blue dragons? Well the blue dragons category will help you browse.

    Another minor addition is the companion support percentage added to info boxes. Of course for that to make sense you would have to understand companions first but it should be a minor helpful tweak for some people!

    All guides that existed already on the wiki were merged with the guides made by Blau and Oric basically combining the information for double hel…

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  • 0Yuuyake0

    The Future

    October 3, 2015 by 0Yuuyake0

    So here are the plans for this Wikia in light of the Dragon's Prophet NA servers closing.

    Dragon pages are already re-named to suit the EU names with the exception of the two dragons Savage Shockwave and Shockwave Gale due to them sharing the same name Skyhammer Patriarch. Never quite thought out what to do about that yet. Everything else is re-named to the best of our knowledge (Dungeons, Costumes, etc).

    To be more user friendly Blau and myself will be moving around the NA EU tabs on dragons that have them to show EU first. All NA information will be kept as an archive, we are still discussing how to best keep it.

    We have available to us the missing compendiums and information for NA dragons but it is not decided if we feel like adding them. …

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  • 0Yuuyake0

    Dragon's Prophet NA will be closing forever on November 16th, 2015. They will offer no transfers to EU.

    In the meantime they have discounted many items in the Marketplace and Dragon Insignia Shop.

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  • 0Yuuyake0


    August 7, 2015 by 0Yuuyake0

    |compan = 20%

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  • Spearofodin7
    • hey,I'm enjoying this game very much but now i have a problem in a storyline mission the mission name is investigate dunar chasm level53 I can't find marauders to kill them the mission want me to defeat all of them but i cant find them I'm in korhala. Help me please.
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  • 0Yuuyake0

    Welcome to July

    July 2, 2015 by 0Yuuyake0

    Been some pretty cool changes since the last news post I'm excited about.

    To start off The Basics is being re-worked to be better suited to be an actual newbie FAQ and guide. Nothings perfect but I'd say it's better than how the page previously was. Now the key to this is hunting down more commonly asked questions to add!

    A very cool feature in my opinion, the bosses from DHT and Shrine of Handras now have their own pages with clickable audio. Yes that means you can listen to Vita the Stalwart Shield say Stronger 1 million times in high def. xD NoT is next on the list for audio.

    DHT -

    Handras -

    A new gacha page has been …

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  • 0Yuuyake0

    Newbie Area Project

    June 27, 2015 by 0Yuuyake0

    -Draconic Influence

    -Dragon Lair

    -Gear Tiers

    -Ways to obtain your first ancient dragons

    -How to use and find soul skills

    -Your first house

    -Why have a guild?

    -Preset character gives pink hair/character making info

    -Main quests + titles + companions. quest color meanings


    -Crafting professions

    • Complicated note


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  • JuniorVan

    and new dragon

    June 17, 2015 by JuniorVan

    And New dragons to cap or buyJuniorVan (talk) 01:28, June 17, 2015 (UTC)Bladevan

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  • JuniorVan

    Can u pls put new update and event and can u pls keep updating every month pls

    JuniorVan (talk)Junior

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  • 0Yuuyake0

    What's New?

    June 8, 2015 by 0Yuuyake0

    I missed a month on the updates but I didn't really intend to do it every month anyway, just whenever that urge arose!

    I can't say anything really interesting happened here in the past month or two. I've been working on putting watermarks in the dragon gifs which is pretty easy, quick, and fun at the same time. But a small problem arises, whenever a certain site that is using them decides to link to one, it breaks the image on the wiki and their site too. So if anyone reading this ever comes across a dragon gif that is super blurry please comment on my profile or somewhere so I can fix it. I can't monitor everything! I also don't see how a blurry gif is any good to them either but if it floats their boat sure. xD

    Another problem I guess I shoul…

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  • 0Yuuyake0

    Dragon Name Gif Compendium
    Red Copper
    Grim Reaper
    Citrine Diamond
    Brasten Hanter
    Brasten Linba
    Brasten Thess
    Brasten Yami

    Dragons Without a Page:

    • Phantom Stone's Twin
    • Silverwing's Twin
    • Son of Tyre's Twin
    • Pale Radiance's Twin
    • Verdant Fin's Twin
    • Midnight Shade's Twin
    • Ancient Shadow's Twin
    • Antillero's Twin
    • Sophani's Twin
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  • 0Yuuyake0

    Updates for April

    April 25, 2015 by 0Yuuyake0

    Some new changes since the last news post I made:

    • The list of Titles has been updated pretty well. Still missing things I'm sure as always.
    • Region pages have been made for almost all zones, the ones that don't have region pages made yet such as Porthis and Bakra to name a few, have their images ready for whenever the pages are gotten around to being made.
    • Guides for Dragonheart Temple, Nucleus of Time, and Asuma's Mirage on their pages. Set gear for level 98 and 102 guides also included on their respective dungeon.
    • Fyonorr and Silver Wings now have better location maps.
    • Many gifs have been re-taken to loop instead of skip at the end. More to be fixed/updated on a random schedule.

    Most likely the biggest update, I've decided to make this wikia wo…

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  • 0Yuuyake0

    Lost Feeling

    April 6, 2015 by 0Yuuyake0

    So.. as my profile states I've been editing this Wikia since April 2014. Gwen is gone, Mina is gone, basically everyone is gone who had any sort of impact here. Last year Verdant Fin's page as one of many didn't even have a picture showcasing what it looked like - I mean look at this history, I remember coming here looking for dragons and seeing this page:

    Ah yes the infamous gif that can be seen copied and pasted around a couple different sites, perhaps I was wrong to come up with such an idea to make a gif of every dragon. Perhaps I was wrong to even edit this Wikia to begin with. However many times I was wrong stil…

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  • 0Yuuyake0


    March 26, 2015 by 0Yuuyake0

    Itallics = Planning on working on


    Regions [X] - Done, pages need made

    Normal Quests [   ]

    Main Quests [   ]

    Hidden Quests [   ]

    Daily Quests [   ]

    SATUMA (Normal Quests Stored)

    Regions [X]

    Normal Quests [   ]

    Main Quests [   ]

    Hidden Quests [   ]

    Daily Quests [   ]


    Regions [X]

    Normal Quests [   ]

    Main Quests [   ]

    Hidden Quests [   ]

    Daily Quests [   ]


    Regions [X] 

    Normal Quests [   ]

    Main Quests [   ]

    Hidden Quests [   ]

    Daily Quests [   ]


    Regions [X] 

    Normal Quests [   ]

    Main Quests [   ]

    Hidden Quests [   ]

    Daily Quests [   ]


    Regions [X]

    Normal Quests [   ]

    Main Quests [   ]

    Hidden Quests [   ]

    Daily Quests [   ] (Dimia is done)

    WINTERTIDE (Half Main/Nor Quests Stored)

    Regions [X]

    Normal Quests [   ]

    Main Quests [   ]

    Hidden Quests [   ]


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  • 0Yuuyake0

    Recent Updates

    March 3, 2015 by 0Yuuyake0

    Some cool guides and pages have been made recently so here's a little blog post to get caught up on what some people may have missed. Many of these pages have also been added to the navigation bar for easy future access.

    Most Recent:

    • Treasure Hunting - A page listing all the treasure hunts available in game with walkthroughs for each one available. Guides and pictures are provided courtesy of the player Oric from Kronos.
    • Laedis Hero Equipment - A pretty large guide on how to get Laedis Equipment all the way down to the various ways to get each material.
    • Column of the Prophet - Page brought up to date on the current Column of the Prophet with guides on each mini-game. Future things planned for this page is the reward shop information. Courtesy …
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  • 0Yuuyake0

    Things Needing Work

    February 12, 2015 by 0Yuuyake0

    If you feel like editing here is the list:

    • Baerton Island Dragons need location maps
    • Quests: Olandra and Inartia are the current updated pages. Both need work, not to mention the other zones.
    • Removed Quests List needs to be worked on: Quests were removed most notibly in Puretia in a patch long ago. Archive them.
    • Dungeon pages need re-working: Format is messy and unpleasing in most pages.
    • Dragon eggs added to dragons pages: Mostly common dragons.
    • Furniture added: Follow the furniture format before adding stuff
    • Mounted Combat Skills
    • Title list might be missing some.
    • Equipment: Had a format in mind but this shouldn't be touched with so much more to do.
    • Class Guide
    • Class Skills
    • Dragon Soul Skills - Page still lists the 2013 skill names on re-named skills.…
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  • Firemeup56

    Onyx Smoke

    January 10, 2015 by Firemeup56

    Hey guys. I'm currently working to find Onyx Smoke eggs and battle against other Onyx Smokes to help my Onyx Smoke named Harmony. She is my best dragon so far and Im dedicated to improving her.

    January 12- I have found only 1 Onyx egg so far, but I have found many blue and green eggs. I'll use those for laedis provisions.

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  • Nimastic

    Dragon Family Models

    December 29, 2014 by Nimastic

    Hello Fellow Playo in Drago Propho,

    I would like to ask if, we could rename Dragon Models, or are they fixed dragon model names in-game? If they aren't, may I request to rename the Traditional Dragon Model to Traditional Western Dragon Model. And I propose making  Winter SolsticeWinter Solstice and Jadeite ElaineJadeite Elaine a Silky Snow Dragon Model or something along that line.

    Thank you for reading this suggestion, and have a nice day


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  • Nimastic

    Could anybody kindly tell me certain benefits of the Ranger Class?

    I am playing as a Ranger on my alternate account, and currently it seems really underpowered. I would like to know if there are other benefits later in the game when the Rangers reaches a higher level. Currently my Ranger Account is at level 47.

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  • 0Yuuyake0

    Skill Testing Results

    December 3, 2014 by 0Yuuyake0

    Skill Findings:

    All Common (Thadrea Skills Only)

    • Windhunter's Claw
    • Roaring Wind
    • Flaming Assault
    • Fiery Tank
    • Ice Breath
    • Whirlwind Blade
    • Molten Eruption
    • Elemental Impact
    • Swirling Wind
    • Block Summon
    • Dragon Spell Resistance
    • Magic Skin
    • Thorny Shield
    • Life Connection
    • Life Sacrifice
    • Elemental Resistance

    All Rare:

    Family Findings Summary:

    • Fabled Ancient - Physical, HP
    • Stalwart - HP, Support
    • Windrider - Magical, Support
    • Skytouched - Magical, HP
    • Swiftfoot - Physical, Support
    • Paragon - Physical, Magical
    • Aqua -
    • Razorspine -
    • Dunestalker - Magical, HP
    • Mythical - Support, HP
    • Assault - Magical, Physical
    • Ironhide -
    • Phantom -
    • Hydra -
    • Eastern - Magical, Support
    • Ancient -
    • Duskreaver -

    Fabled Ancient - Patch Notes Say: Physical Attack, HP Recovery

    • Forbidden Roar - HP
    • Dragon Spell Seed - HP
    • Mighty Impac…

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  • Tayva

    Dragon Name Family Icon Image Comp.
    Greedy Omen Dragon Windrider

    Maron Fabled Ancient

    Shadow Shredder Paragon

    Emerald Fabled Ancient

    Meteorite Fabled Ancient
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  • Tayva

    Adrenaline Surge

    Anger Protection

    Attack Trial

    Attribute Wheel

    Battle Action

    Blade of Protection

    Blessing of Amokrandal

    Blessing of Valgray

    Blessing of Vita

    Blood Seal of Light

    Bloodlust Sweep

    Circle of Despair

    Constitution Enhancement


    Death Strike

    Divine Light


    Dragon Battle Cry

    Dragon Blood

    Dragon Spell Strike

    Elemental Strike

    Elemental Sweep

    Expose Weakness

    Flying Blades

    Frost Aura

    Guardian’s Fury

    Healing Wind

    Ice Breath

    Icing Claw

    Initiate Ore Knowledge Mastery

    Initiate Skill Training Mastery

    Initiate Textile Knowledge Mastery

    Initiate Wood Knowledge Mastery

    Intelligence Enhancement

    Intimidating Impact

    Lasting Impression

    Life Recovery

    Life Sharing

    Monster Clash

    Phantasmal Grasp



    Ripping Strike


    Shell Protection

    Soul Drain

    Soul Feast


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  • Tayva

    Missing Dragon Icons

    September 4, 2014 by Tayva

    The following is a list of icons missing or needing replacement for Dragon Family pages. I would like to request that if you wish to contribute to getting new icons, send me a message with a screenshot from the Dragon Lair/Chamber from a running Desktop game (Laptop screenshots are too small). This way I can keep the size of the icons consistant (currently as 44 x 44 px).

    Dragon Name Dragon Family Zone Region
    Savage Shockwave Skytouched Marketplace -
    Opulent Rootwing Dragon Skytouched Bakra -
    Drifting Lotus Dragon Skytouched Bakra -
    Monarch Dragon Skytouched Marketplace -
    Silverthorn Skytouched Inartia Roaming
    Shockwave Gale Skytouched Dragon Sanc. -
    Crimson Blackblood Dragon King Skytouched Laedis East Mount Longra
    Painez Greenscale Skytouche…

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  • Tayva

    Incomplete Quests

    August 11, 2014 by Tayva

    The following quests articles are not complete:

    Do Sleeping Stones Dream?

    Combat Experience

    Capac's Goblin

    Disturbed Peace

    Theres No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

    Secret Ingredients

    Road Safety

    Youthful Antics

    Trouble With Dragons

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  • Tayva

    Other Big To-Dos

    August 11, 2014 by Tayva

    Figured I'd make a list of other big things that need to be tackled with the site.

    At the moment, the Crafting page is in serious need of some overhaul. It was originally created in the beta, but it is in need of an overhaul to deal with some large holes and missing info (and to make it easier to read)

    First of all, it'd be a big help to try and get a few more sets of helping hands to edit and add articles to this Wikia, especially as it's meant to be one of the biggest sources of info for the North American game. We could use both low and high level players, as there's some holes to fill everywhere.

    It looks like a good portion of the enemies are in the site, though I'd like to create proper categories for them based on their type (Humanoid,…

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  • Tayva

    Along with having the big to-do list on my message wall, I have created a simplified list of links here, sorted by the different needs for the page. This should make it easier to know what kind of task is required from someone who wishes to help in refining the pages.

    Everything needed:

    Lord of the Abyss

    Russet Boneplate Dragon

    Lumbering Thornspike Dragon

    Languid Stalwart Dragon

    Missing Info Box Information:

    Shockwave Gale


    Volcanic Talonrake Dragon (Alentia)

    Opulent Rootwing Dragon


    Languid Stalwart Dragon

    Skulking Cobaltfang Dragon

    Stone Gaze

    Zartin Thresher Dragon

    Earthen Lancehead Dragon

    Rabid Bloodfeaster Dragon

    Glaring Wolfwing Dragon - Open Beta Only

    Missing Compendium Entry:

    Intrepid Charger - Marketplace Only

    Shockwave Gale

    Skulking Cobal…

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  • Soe amnerys

    Hi, friends!

    Dragon's Prophet has some new content! Recently Tanthor (SOE Producer Todd Carson) posted some news about the latest content to come to Auratia. Read on to see what he said...

    Hi fellow Dragon riders,

    Today we have introduced the event/quest/challenge of The Column of the Prophet to Dragon's Prophet.So, I anted to take a few moments to tell you more about what this means.

    The Column of the Prophet is a 100 level battle that you can face alone or with a group. It can be done any time of day, any day, as many times as you want. The creatures you fight will be based upon the highest level character in your group. Ok, but what is it, Todd?!?

    Well, the Column of the Prophet is a multi-staged fight. You will face 3 waves of monsters to f…

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  • Soe amnerys

    April Fools!

    April 3, 2014 by Soe amnerys

    The jokesters at SOE had a little fun at your expense yesterday. :)

    Those who logged in may have seen the following message:

    New event for this month is now ready. Travel to a Lair Manager. Switch Dragons from Inventory to Dragon Lair, back again, and one more time. Then find a new Dragon. Capture it.Back to Dragon Lair and shout to the Zone (Z), "I love this game". We will track these actions you will be qualified for a free Dragon. Check back tomorrow.

    This was, of course, an April Fool's prank. You can thank Tanthor for that. ;)

    However, there's a reward for your embarassment, if you felt silly. Stay tuned to find out what Tanthor has in mind.

    Happy April Fool's!!

    Soe amnerys (talk) 00:57, April 3, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Soe amnerys

    Greetings, Auratians!

    Pleased to meet you all! I'm Amnerys, your new Community Manager...although I'm not new to SOE or community management. :) If you've been a player of any other SOE games in the last five years or so, you may have seen me around. In June I'll celebrate my 6th year as a Community Manager here. I've spent time in  Norrath, the Realms, and a galaxy far, far away. I'm happy to now learn all about Dragon's Prophet and the people of Auratia.

    I had planned to come in with my #supermetal guns blazing, but then Yaviey told me the players may not be too impressed with my credentials from the days of hair bands. So to settle this argument, I'll share anyway. :) Please get a laugh at a moment from my "childhood," meeting just one of…

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  • Radarx

    For a limited time only, you'll have the opportunity to earn up to 10 rewards for logging in every day. What's in store for you?

    Advanced Experience baubles

    Intermediate Resurrection potion x5

    Friendship Puppet x5

    Dragon Drive potion x10

    Seal-Breaking Scale powder x5

    Attribute Reset powder x2

    Mastery Reset powder x2

    Advanced Repair Hammer (30 days) x1

    Dragon Chamber expansion card x5

    Heroic Dragon Gotcha x2


    Be sure to log in as often as you can over the next few weeks to ensure you earn each one!

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  • Gwenievre

    Velociraptor hooker

    January 31, 2014 by Gwenievre

    Why am I so focused on the wikia?

    Back in the day...what I like to call the golden days of WOW, my go-to one-stop information shop was Thottbot. I learned so much about the game by browsing through the quests, reading the comments about the dungeons to see what the boss fights were like, coming through the rare drops in zones to see what kind of cool things people found in the game. Having that one web site where you look up any information that you wanted really meant a lot to me in the game...and I want to see something like that for this game

    Just remember, there is nothing cooler than a velocoiraptor wearing a miniskirt. Courtesy of The Oatmeal

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  • Frankie82

    Zone / Zones

    January 15, 2014 by Frankie82

    In the Category page there is a category named Zone and a category named Zones.

    In both categorys there are zones from the local map, world zones, dungeons, queests, and monsters.

    I will like the users of this wiki's opinion about a proposal.

    Zones: The main zones in the world of Auratie. (Puretia, Laedis, ...)

    Zone: The areas on the map. (Verus Cleft, Helmoth, Norklanth Forest, ...)

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  • ParsingShadow

    Favorite Dragon?

    December 21, 2013 by ParsingShadow

    ====Personally I love all of the dragons in the game, but this one certail wyvern stands out to me, and he will never be replaced from my favorites...  Parsingshadow to me is like a best friend to my character in game, It's like he cheers me up whenever I'm riding him in game. Seeing this dragons just always brings a smile to my face no matter what. If I don't use him, he's away resting in my dragon den. But that aside, he is my favorite, and I just think he is such a beautiful Wyvern. Right when I saw him in game I knew that oneday he would soon be mine, and that came true :3. But there is one thing I must ask you, who is your favorite dragon if you have one? And how did you get attached to it?====

    This may not be my video, but it shows my…

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  • Yaviey

    Happy Holidays from Us to You

    December 19, 2013 by Yaviey

    Greetings Osirans of Auratia,

    The holiday season is fully upon us. Hopefully you have seen that we are running a Twelve Days of Holidays log-in event. If not, be sure to jump in the game today! The twelve day log-in event means that from December 14th-25th you will get a reward for each day that you log into the game. There are some very cool rewards so try not to miss a day! This is our way of saying thanks to you and wishing you all happy holidays.

    Later this week we will be updating the game with the Silver Dragon Festival, which should be as fun as the Halloween event. We will also be introducing new items to the Marketplace on Friday as well as over the holidays. Keep an eye out for some new holiday-themed costumes and furniture, as wel…

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  • Tinyblaze

    To Win A Dragon

    December 18, 2013 by Tinyblaze

    I would like to get it super armor to protect it self and lots of treats to tame it and good stable and training.  A curry brush to pamper it with and lots of love to keep it happy.

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  • Shadowhawk1953

    What ever Snowblind wanted cause that would be its name. Along with the first spot in the stable and the best food and training money could buy.

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  • Matt Hadick

    Great news, Dragon's Prophet fans! To celebrate the season, Wikia is giving away five Winter Solstice Dragons! Originally available exclusively via the Dragon's Prophet Winter Heritage Pack, the Winter Solstice Dragon is the perfect companion to have at your side during the cold depths of winter.

    So how do you get your hands on one of these majestic beasts? All you have to do is log into Wikia and answer the following question in the comments: "If you were the proud owner of a Winter Solstice Dragon, what kind of gift would you give it during the holidays?"

    1. Create an account!
    2. Comment on this blog post with an answer to the question "If you were the proud owner of a Winter Solstice Dragon, what kind of gift would you give it during the ho…

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  • Yaviey

    In Dragon's Prophet, there’s a lot to be thankful for this year! While you're busy chowing down with your family of Dragons, you can enjoy lots of fun and festivities. There’s double experience going on now through Monday, a new two-headed dragon, and seasonal sale items in the Marketplace!

    Double Experience

    From now until Monday, December 2, 2013 at 4:00PM PST, enjoy double experience on quests and mobs. Have you been thinking about leveling up an alt? Haven't quite explored all of Alentia and gotten to level 90? Now's your chance!

    New Dragon

    Now available in the Dragon’s Prophet Marketplace - Ferocious Duality, a TWO-HEADED Dragon! It doesn't get much more #SuperMetal than that! And because you asked for it, Ferocious Duality is available wi…

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  • Yaviey

    Please put your claws together and welcome the newest administrator to the Official Dragon's Prophet Wikia - Lailokken! Lailokken is ranked #2 on the Wikia for edits and contributions and has been incredibly helpful and dedicated in building this Wikia up.

    On that note, let us know in the comments what areas on the Wikia you think still need some help. Also let us know if you have any other suggestions to help make this a great place for players to come to for information.

    Looking to help out as well?

    We're still looking for 1-2 additional admins who have significant contributions to this Wikia and want to help us in the fields of organizing content and CSS+template-related tasks. If you're interested in either of those please e-mail me at jb…

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  • Yaviey

    Greetings Dragon riders of Auratia,

    Have you enjoyed the Spooktacular Harrowing of the Ancient Dusk Dragon God (aka Halloween) season in Dragon's Prophet this year? If you have not taken the time to check out our in-game event you still have a week. Head to Arteicia and speak with Amorkan Priest Jasmine. She will appear as a red exclamation point ("!") on your map. You will need to gather three friends to accompany you before you can begin the quest. For more information on our Halloween event see this article. Another way to get spooky items is in the Dragon's Prophet marketplace (for a shortcut to the Marketplace use the ";" key).

    Earlier this week we introduced for the first time a Dragon called "Chaotic Terror." This Dragon is only avail…

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  • Aydia

    Naked Mile Marathon!

    October 29, 2013 by Aydia

    Calling all Osirans!

    Looking for a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon? Pax Desumo is hosting another fun and exciting community event. Do you have nerves of steel, the speed of a raptor and the brains of… Skitter? We challenge you to strut your stuff in the Naked Mile Marathon!

    Why Naked? So all levels can enjoy the race with minimal gear / experience advantages and to celebrate the end of summer by showing off our best swim wear!

    The basic premise of the marathon is to use strategy, cunning, sprint and your best mob evading tactics to make it from point A to point B (locations to be announced before the race).

    We will be meeting in front of the Lair Manager at Arboran (In Puretia) on channel 1 Saturday November 2nd at 2:00 pacific time. Th…

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  • Yaviey

    Today we re-instated the Wikia Forums and Chat back on the official Dragon's Prophet Wikia. You can find them each on the top navigation.

    Wikia Forums
    The Wikia forums are a place to discuss layout, structure, and content on the Wikia. Please remember to use the official Dragon's Prophet forums to discuss the game itself. The Wikia forums are NOT read by the developers.
    Wikia Chat
    The Wikia Chat is just like a traditional chat room. Have fun but remember to be respectful.

    For this week's Wikia Wednesday (found as an article on the Dragon's Prophet website) we'll have a special how-to that introduces you to communicating on a Wikia, so stay tuned! In the meantime though, if you have any questions, please drop a line on my Wall:Yaviey Talk Page/M…

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  • Aydia

    RP Anyone?

    October 23, 2013 by Aydia

    I have been considering firing up a weekly or biweekly RP event on the Lysaia server. The Proposed starting date will be October 26th and will run for approximately an hour. This will be open to anyone who wishes to join in on the fun whether they are experienced at role play events or not. I am looking for a good way to promote our event and was wondering if the community might have some suggestions to help spread the word. If you would like additional details please feel free to comment on my Message Wall.

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  • Imrielle

    Class Information: Ranger

    October 22, 2013 by Imrielle

    I was reading the official forums' Wikia section, and came across a post concerning the lack of Ranger information on the wiki. I play a Ranger in the game, so of course this post interested me, and I saw that the person was interested in creating pages for the missing Ranger class information.

    "Great!" was what I was thinking, until I read their follow up post about how they were unhappy with the way that the forums were managed, so they were no longer interested in helping the wiki out.

    What point does a post of that nature serve? None. Does it help anyone, in any way? Nope. The forums do not even, really, impact the wiki. Does it make the poster look better? In my eyes... no. It makes them look like a jerk. Even worse, the poster is a lea…

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  • Marlasinger3


    October 20, 2013 by Marlasinger3

    So, going over information about equipment most of it seems pretty arbitrary. The level, the defenses, the adds, are of such a huge range or randomly generated it seems silly to put them down.

    My focus is on the appearance of the items, especially since the costume options in this game CAN give you combat bonuses. It also seems important which items can be extracted, wether or not they yield a recipe of what quality, and where the item can be obtained. Though I might throw the last one out, many items seem to be obtainable through drop and crafting, with only a few exclusive to quests. the quest availability is the hardest one to track and will rely more on future Wikia editors, I'm afraid.

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  • Lailokken

    Dragon's Prophet

    October 20, 2013 by Lailokken

    I ran across DP as I was looking for a realm vs realm style game. I haven't experienced the PvP yet, but I'm hoping it works into something along the lines of what Shadowbane had.. which was the ability of one city (guild) to attack another.

    Not only could you attack them, you could raze their buildings or capture them too. They also had siege technology which I'm a huge fan of. I thought I read something about DP having or adding this feature, and I hope it's true.

    I'm not sure what the developers are gearing up to do with Land, but aside from a person's individual home, my hope is that they open up certain islands for 'Land Domination' style gameplay.

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  • Yaviey

    This Friday on Scales & Tales, join Jennifer “Yaviey” Bridges and Ry “Roshen” Schueller as they run you through Dragon’s Prophet like n00bs. Curious about where to get started? Want to learn the differences between classes? Yaviey and Roshen will teach you how to advance past n00b-status and live the metal dragon life through Dragon’s Prophet!

    Dragon's Prophet live-streams every Friday from 3-3:00 PM PDT on Twitch TV. See you there, Prophets!

    -Yaviey, Wiki Project Manager @ SOE (talk) 01:22, October 17, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Marlasinger3

    Blogs, really?

    October 15, 2013 by Marlasinger3

    Why does a wikia need blogs?

    I have a ton of screenshots that need cropping. I try to do 10-20 at a time. But it gets boring. Most likely this will only be a source that I use for putting together costumes.

    I do love costumes. :)

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  • Airabisu


    October 14, 2013 by Airabisu

    Tinkering with this stuff no longer is working to my benefit, DELETED!

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  • Airabisu

    ...Mystery Items

    October 14, 2013 by Airabisu

    It is brought to my attention that there items in that are "Hidden" quests of some sort. My thoughts... A game that wishes to challenge the masses? ....

    I accept your challenge dragon's prophet.

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