Quest SummaryEdit

  • Quest Giver: Tavern Owner
  • Recommended level: 30
  • Pre-requisite quests: n/a
  • Next quest: n/a

This quest can be repeated multiple times.

Quest TextEdit

  • A Brief Introduction
    • Bring 50 Cerulean Feathers from Sky Lake Crane and bring them to Tavern Owner at the bar in Underworld port
  • Details
    • "This is a request from a clothing merchant living in the world below. Recently, large numbers of aqua dragons have appeared and the merchant's workeres are really afraid to go out to collect feathers from Sky Lake Cranes. He needs to find a alternative ways to obtain these feathers. If you have any Cerulean Feathers , just bring them here! I will purchase them at a very good price."

Completion RequirementsEdit

  • Collect Cerulean Feather 0/50 

Quest Completion TextEdit

"All right, I count fifty Cerulean Feather. Thank you for your assistance."

Quest RewardsEdit

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