Quest SummaryEdit

  • Quest Giver: Clark Len
  • Recommended level: 19
  • Pre-requisite quests: n/a
  • Next quest: n/a

Quest Summary TextEdit

  • A Brief Introduction
    • To Get to Skull of Cikasse Brokentooth, head to the southern part of Tahkar Village, where the Wolfmen have set up a temporary camp beneath the mountain wall.
  • Details
    • It cost us the lives of far too many of our courageous comrades, but we finally managed to track down Cikasse Brokentooth, the leader of the Wolfmen surrounding Tahkar Village. To restore peace in Tahkar Village, Cikasse Brokentooth must die! I'm offering a generous reward on behalf of Tahkar Village to the one who brings me his skull. Cikasse Brokentooth is currently located in the southern part of Tahkar Village, where the Wolfmen have established a makeshift base below the mountain. Go take out their leaderm and bring back his head!

Completion RequirementsEdit

  • Skull of Cikasse Brokentooth

Quest RewardsEdit

  • Expicon 1966 Experience Points
  • 5 Standard Healing Potion (Small)

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