Dragon SkillsEdit

Dragon Combat Skills are indicated with a silver border and are listed as either passive or active. The skill level can be raised via the Dragon's Lair by scheduling Skill Training or by converting Companion XP into Combat Skill XP through the Dragon Info interface. The amount of Skill XP received as a job reward can be improved with an Elite Skill (Skill Training Mastery).


Example: Every hour of skill training raises a skill's experience by 400 points.    

You can increase the amount gained by increasing the factor by spending SC up to 3X.  Every 6 hours costs 180 SC to triple the amount of training.

Skill Convert Example

Converting Companion XP to Combat Skill XP.

Companion XP is awarded by killing things of similar level to you when your dragon is summoned. Clicking the button between the two XP bars on the Dragon Info page will allow you to convert the experience.

600 Companion XP creates 1 Combat Skill XP. To apply the Combat Skill XP to a skill, click the arrow on the bottom right of a skill icon.

Total Combat Skill XP Needed for Skill Level 1-10:

  • Level 1-2 - 800
  • Level 2-3 - 1760
  • Level 3-4 - 2880
  • Level 4-5 - 4160
  • Level 5-6 - 5800
  • Level 6-7 - 8320
  • Level 7-8 - 11200
  • Level 8-9 - 14820
  • Level 9-10 - 18920
  • Total XP - 68660

Skill Styles Edit

During a patch on June 26th, 2014dragon skills were sorted into the following four categories:

Passive SkillsEdit

Active SkillsEdit

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