Captured dragons can have multiple types of skills to include combat, elite, and dragon soul. The dragon soul skills (purple) can be placed on your action bar if the dragon is with you in the stable. Most dragons don’t have soul skills and typically all have at least one elite (orange) efficiency. Combat skills (silver) are only used by your dragon and are controlled automatically by the AI. Dragons may also have empty skill slots which are required for Field Training. Additionally, unwanted skills may be unlearned. All dragon skills, skill slots, and dragon soul skills are randomly generated when the dragon is tamed, regardless of the dragon's health when taming begins. It appears the maximum number of dragon skill slots is 10. (There is some favoring of certain combat skills to certain dragons; freezing skills on dragons from snowy areas and such.)

All Dragons have 4 basic unlisted attacks that scale off of their base damage from the strength stat.

Strike - Inflicts full physical damage. (Note that Paragon (at full damage) and Razorspine (at half damage) dragons double strike for a single strike.)

Sweeping Strike - Inflicts 1.8 times damage listed from base after strength modifiers. (Note that Lindwurm types instead of inflicting a single large damage amount, hit for 5 times at a base of about .2 total damage from base.)

Impact - Dragons will use this attack-type as a starting attack unless a stronger starting skill is within its skill list. (example: Obliterateing Impact .)

Pursue - Used to catch up to a foe that is out of reach when combat has already started.

These basic combat skills are unlisted and are solely affected by your dragons Strength, Focus and Ferocity modifier's for damage, armor penetration, and critical rate/damage respectively. 

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