Dragon Souls SkillsEdit

Dragon Soul Skills are indicated with a Purple icon border and may be used on command by the prophet. Drag these skills from the Dragon Soul Tab of the Skills Window to the Action Bar for easy use. Different types include buffs to Attributes, Physical and Magic damage, Healing, and other Utility (eg Taunt). Dragon Soul Skills cannot be transferred between dragons using Field Training.

You may only have up to 5 dragon souls at any time.  Some dragon soul skills share a cooldown between categories. 

Healing Shared Cooldowns:

  1. Divine Embrace (AOE HOT) & Downpour (AOE HOT) & Divine Spring
  2. Divine Light (Cone AOE) & Hydrotherapy (Line AOE)
  3. Revelation (AOE) & Divine Calling (player only HOT) & Cure (player & dragon) & Healing Light (player & dragon) HOT
  4. Reverberation AOE (Healing & Damage)

You may now have up to 4 healing skills (affecting self or others) in a single lineup. 

List of Known Dragon Soul Skills by TypeEdit

Many Dragon Soul Skills were re-named in the August 15th, 2013 patch.






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