Items typically found and purchasable from the EU Dragon's Prophet Marketplace using Diamonds. Some items listed here can be obtained in other ways in-game.

Diamond prices listed may varry from in-game.

Item Name Diamond Cost Dragon Insignia Cost
Green Tiled Stone Double Building 1249 Unavailable
Green Tiled Stone Loft Building 999 Unavailable
Green Tiled Stone Tall Building 499 680
Green Tiled Obelisk Luxury Building 1699 Unavailable
Green Tiled Obelisk Double Building 1249 Unavailable
Lilia Mansion 1699 Unavailable
Lilia Citadel 2499 Unavailable
Lilia Villa 1249 1700
Elegant Zephyr Cottage 1699 Unavailable
Antique Zephyr Cottage 999 1360
Round Tower Base 599 800
Round Tower Middle 599 800
Round Tower Flat Top 599 800
Round Tower Pointed Top 599 800
Halloween Dragon Spirit Lair 999 Unavailable
Green Tiled Obelisk Town Building 999 Unavailable
Large House - Lilia - Model C 1699 Unavailable

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