In Dragon's Prophet, a gacha is a purchasable item from the Marketplace which is opened by the player for a chance at one of the random items inside.


Gachas on both versions of Dragon's Prophet

North American GachasEdit

Icon Name
Cold Gacha
Cold Fusion Dragon Capsule
Gacha 2
Mysterious Sunset Capsule
Gacha 20
Heroic Dragon Gotcha
Gacha 22
Rare Dragon Gotcha
Gacha 21
Gnarlhorn Gotcha
Icon unknown
Mysterious Rain Shine Capsule
Lightning Gacha
Mysterious Immortal Lightning Capsule
Icon unknown
Mysterious Dark Red Capsule
Gacha 21
Huge Dragon Gotcha

European GachasEdit

Icon Name
Gacha 22
Mysterious Nightmare Gacha
Cold Gacha
Cold Fusion Gacha
Fleeting Gacha
Mystic Fleeting Snow Gacha
Horse Gacha
Mystic Equine Dragon Gacha
Gacha 20
Epic Dragon Gacha
Gacha 22
Rare Dragon Gacha
Gacha 23
Best of Dragons Gacha
Gacha 1
Crystalline Chaos Family Gacha
Gacha 3
Chinese Family Gacha
Gacha 13
Gacha of Runewake Dragon's Bro
Gacha 10
Horse Dragon Gacha
Gacha 8
Hydra Dragon Gacha
Gacha 7
Balge Family Gacha
Gacha 6
Dark Flame Family Gacha
Gacha 4
Fleeting Family Gacha
Gacha 11
Gacha of Lunar Frost
Gacha 12
Gacha of Midnight Shade
Gacha 9
Midas Dragon Gacha
Gacha 14
Starter Zone Dragon Gacha
Gacha 15
Laedis & Friends Dragon Gacha
Icon unknown
Wynnadia Dragon Gacha
Gacha 16
Korhala Dragon Gacha
Gacha 17
Wintertide Dragon Gacha
Gacha 18
Inartia Dragon Gacha
Gacha 19
Alentia Dragon Gacha

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