World of Auratia


Also called Glumar.


Bakra is a starter area, currently closed. This zone's lore is unclear; sometimes is is an island in the north, sometimes it is the north part of the continant of Glumar. One thing is clear: the Arboran Ruins located in the northeast connect to Arboran in Puretia. The two areas are separated by a deep gorge.

Puretia is a starter area favored for its diverse landscape and early access to flying dragons. At this time it is also the only starter area available. Puretia is said to be located in Kemath, also called Glumar by the citizens of neighboring Bakra.

Zone Level Range Land Type
Bakra 1-30 Grasslands, Forests
Puretia 1-30 Mountains, Forests, Lava


Laedis is both a continent and a zone. It is the home of Arteicia , the capital of Auratia. Players are first introduced to Arteicia around level 15. From here players are able to access the Path of the Elders, which leads to the Baerton Islands and player housing.

The Underworld Port in the south is a bustling hub for airships connecting to Puretia, Ornost, Wynnadia, and Olandra.

This floating land also includes Ornost, a smaller floating island to the east where the Osira originated.

Zone Level Range Land Type
Ornost 31-40 Forest, Jungle
Laedis 31-40 Plains, Jungle
Baerton Islands Housing Varies


Mangard is the westernmost continent in Auratia. It contains three zones geared toward a variety of levels. Satuma is a starter area, currently closed, but connected to Wynnadia's northeastern border.

Players arrive in Wynnadia by following the main questline in Laedis. After leaving Lilia City, players adventure out into the beautiful plains to find them crawling with undead and other unspeakable horrors.

Korhala stands in stark contrast to the lush greenry of Satuma and Wynnadia. Unknown disasters have turned it into a barren desert fraught with danger. On the coast, the Mangard Sky Railway connects Korhala's sands to Wintertide's ice fields.

Zone Level Range Land Type
Satuma 1-30 Plains
Wynnadia 41-50 Grassland
Korhala 51-60 Desert, Canyons

"Continent to the North"Edit

The zones of Wintertide, Inartia, Alentia, and Olandra are referred as being part of the "continent to the north." This unnamed continent is the source of much dispute, being percieved by some as one land and by others as a string of islands.
Zone Level Range Land Type
Wintertide 61-70 Ice, Tundra
Inartia 71-80 Tundra, Wasteland
Alentia 81-90 Wasteland, Lava
Olandra 90-94 Forest, Plains


The zones of Porthis and Thadrea rest surrounded by the mighty Ashmond Mountains on Gordean, the southern continent of Auratia.

Zone Level Range Land Type
Porthis 95-98 Forest, Jungle
Thadrea 99-102 Forest, Wasteland


Jagnoth is the land of the dead with the name Sitheran steming from the Draconic word for “entrance to evil”.

Zone Level Range Land Type
Sitheran 103-105 Wasteland, Mushrooms


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