Dragon's Prophet Character Creation Beta

Dragon's Prophet Character Creation Beta

Dragon's Prophet Character Creation [Beta]

Welcome to Dragon's Prophet Character Creation! To get started, log in to Dragon's Prophet and select your server. You'll then be transported to the character select screen. Select one of the Create Character buttons.

In Dragon's Prophet there are four classes to choose from and essentially two damage types with two distances. In physical, there are Guardians and Rangers, Guardians are fighters that deal close-range physical damage. Rangers are the long-ranged variants. In magic damage, Oracles are the close-ranged fighters while Sorcerers are the long-ranged variants.

Next, You can choose to be either male or female.

Then to customize your avatar, click the Customize button on the bottom right.

Dragon's Prophet offers a wide-variety of character customization. You can see right off the bat, there are a lot of color options too. The colors you can change include: skin, eyes, lips, hair, and your starting outfit.

First the Style section allows you to choose a template to start from. In the Posture section you can change things like head size, shoulder width, and bicep size. In the Skin Tone section, you'll be able to choose from several different face styles. The Hair Styles offers further customization with different hair styles. In the Head section you'll be able to adjust facial features such as your character's forehead, chin, etc. some micro-customization include the following. In the Eyebrow Shape section you can adjust your character's brow. The Eye section of course lets you adjust your character's eyes. The Nose, Mouth, and Ears sections are also pretty self explanatory.

To finish, put in your character's name then locate and hit the Finalize button.