Cobalt Lightning
Cobalt Lightning
Vital Statistics
Level 45
Zone Laedis
Family Fabled Ancient
Running Speed 170%
Flight Speed 170%
Gliding Speed 170%
Title Cobalt Lightning's Champion
Ss (2014-07-03 at 09.32.59)

Cobalt Lightning is a level 45 Fabled Ancient Dragon found in Laedis. It is a Cobra Model Dragon and is colored in blue, white and yellow. It has a fairly rugged appearance with bird-like feather wings with a cobra like head.

Cobalt spawns in Laedis when the sun appears in the bottom right corner. It's spawn pattern is every three hours, every four days spawning on the fourth day. It is not reset by maintenance. Cobalt may also be summoned using Draconic Flutes with minimum level for spawning it being around 45.

A lower level player may find they need Draconic Influence to assist capture of this dragon.

Dragon CompendiumEdit

"With a sky-splitting roar often mistaken for thunder, Cobalt Lightning patrols the skies of the Osira capital in Laedis. An ever present guardian, Cobalt Lightning is often the first Ancient Dragon young Osira have the opportunity to see in the wilds. This tremendously powerful dragon can light up the sky like chain lightning when enraged."

Bold Numbers are spawn days in October

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat
1 2 3
4 5 6 7 8 9 10
11 12 13 14 15 16 17
18 19 20 21 22 23 24
25 26 27 28 29 30 31

NA Daylight Savings Spawn Times (EST, add an hour for EU)

  • 4:52am 7:52am 10:52am 1:52pm 4:52pm 7:52pm 10:52pm 1:52am

NA Regular Spawn Times (EST, add an hour for EU)

  • 3:52am 6:52am 9:52am 12:52pm 3:52pm 6:52pm 9:52pm 12:52am

Quick Guide

Location Zone Ancient Laedis; western continent
Dungeon Ancient no
Roaming Ancient Yes

Melodic & Resonating Draconic Flutes

Clear Energy Flutes no
Other Dragon Flutes no
Marketplace Egg no
Gotcha no
Other Purchase no
Other Special Process no
Special Reward no
Dragon Incubation Yes

Dragon Eggs (Expand to View)Edit

This dragon comes from the following Unhatched Dragon Eggs:



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