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This page is a place to detail the different currencies that exist in the world of Dragon's Prophet.



GoldCoin Auratia’s currency.

Can be earned:

  • As a reward from a quest
  • From selling an item to a NPC
  • From selling an item in the Auction House
  • From numerous achievements.

Station Cash (SC)Edit

SC Exclusive marketplace currency sold by SOE for real dollars or equivalent.

Can be used to purchase items from the Marketplace, upgrade inventory and bank space, unlock lair and stable slots, purchase dyes, among other things.

Dragon InsigniaEdit

DragonInsignias Daily quest rewards

They can be obtained from daily quests rewards (these can be done up to 10 times per day, meaning a player can obtain at least 100 Dragon Insignias per day) and as a prize from the Kindred Compass.

These can be used to purchase many Marketplace items, such as Condensed Costume Transformation Elixir, Seal Breaking Scale Powder or Friendship Puppet. Also, they can be utilized in place of SC in the  different Equipment Enhancement Processes.

Adventurer InsigniasEdit

AdventurerInsignias Public encounter or dungeon rewards

They can be earned by doing Public Events, each time the player completes a contribution rank a small amount of them will be awarded.

They can be used to purchase jewelry from the Adventurer Insignias Merchant, he's located in a little house in Artecia (see map). Besides him, they can be spent with Mysterious Merchants summoned from a flute; they sell potions, jewelry and random level dragon equipment.

Adventurer Insignia Merchant
The X marks the spot.
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Kindred InsigniasEdit

KindredInsignias Obtained from friendship gift packs or dragon treasure hunting.

A random amount of them (10-20 insignias) can be obtained from Friendship Packs, these are a reward from the daily achievement No Sweat and from having a friend with 3000 or more friendship points.

They can be used in the Kindred Compass, which can reward numerous Marketplace items, Dragon Insignias, among other items.

Vanquisher insigniasEdit

VanquisherInsignias Player vs. player (PVP) rewards

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