This page is a place to detail the different currencies that exist in the world of Dragon's Prophet.




GoldCoin Auratia’s currency.

Obtained by:

  • As a reward from a quest
  • From selling an item to a NPC
  • From selling an item in the Auction House
  • From numerous Achievements
  • Road Quests

Station Cash (SC)Edit

SC Exclusive Marketplace Currency sold by SOE

Can be used to purchase items from the Marketplace, upgrade inventory and bank space, unlock lair and stable slots, purchase dyes, among other things.

Dragon InsigniaEdit

DragonInsignias Daily Quest Rewards

Obtained from:

These can be used to purchase many Marketplace items, such as Condensed Costume Transformation Elixir, Seal Breaking Scale Powder or Friendship Puppet. Also, they can be utilized in place of SC in the  different Equipment Enhancement Processes.

Adventurer InsigniasEdit

AdventurerInsignias Public Encounter or Dungeon Rewards

Obtained from:

They can be used to purchase jewelry from the Adventurer Insignias Merchants, locations provided on map below. Besides him, they can be spent with Mysterious Merchants summoned from a flute or the Remnant Traveling Moon Merchant.

Adventurer Insignia Merchant

The X marks the spot.

Kindred InsigniasEdit

KindredInsignias Friendship or Dragon Treasure Hunting Rewards

Obtained from:

A random amount of them (10-20 insignias) can be obtained from Friendship Packs, these are a reward from the daily achievement No Sweat and from having a friend with 1000 or more friendliness points => friendships points are awarded every 5 min for friends killing mobs. When the bar in the friendslist is full a gift can be claimed with the max number of gifts you can claim depending on how many friends you have.

They can be used in the Kindred Compass, which can reward numerous Marketplace items, Dragon Insignias, among other items.

Vanquisher InsigniasEdit

VanquisherInsignias Cooperative Combat Rewards

Obtained from:

May be used to purchase various items from the Vanquisher Insignia Merchant located in the Guild Sanctuary or in Laedis, Artecia.

Warforged InsigniasEdit

Ss (2014-09-01 at 01.43.15)

Frontier Island Objective Rewards

Obtained from:

  • Gathering tactical points during Territory War
  • Participating in island Public Events

May be used to purchase items from the NPC at the castle on a sky island your guild or alliance owns.

Dragon RunesEdit

Dragon Rune

Reward Currency

Obtained from:

  • From the compendium for capturing dragons

May be used to evolve your dragon, refresh your Dragon Companion match up, and purchase evolution skill books.

Dragonscale SealsEdit

Dragonscale Seal

Column of the Prophet Rewards

Obtained from:

May be used to purchase items from the Column of the Prophet reward shop NPC.

Special CurrenciesEdit

Players participating in holiday-based events will receive special currencies related to the in-game event. These currencies can be used to buy items to help participate within the event, or to buy limited-edition weapons, armor, and furniture items. These currencies will show up as an item stack within the backpack, and will not show up on the "currency" listing.

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