50icon Reach 1500 Exploration in KorhalaEdit

50icon Reach 1500 Reputation in KorhalaEdit

50icon Kill the Dragon Temple Guardian, Lokane Emberson, Undying Shadow, and the Shadow of Hadubis and Yermizzar in Dunar TempleEdit

10icon Kill Undead Flesh in Deyarka TunnelEdit

10icon Kill Hales Killhand in Tanarkin QuarryEdit

10icon Kill Andromons in Aymori SandsEdit

Completion RewardsEdit

Reward level: 10Edit

GoldCoin 1000 Gold Coin

Reward level: 20Edit

GoldCoin 1000 Gold Coin

Reward level: 30Edit

GoldCoin 1500 Gold Coin

Reward level: 50Edit

GoldCoin 2000 Gold Coin

Reward level: 80Edit

GoldCoin 2500 Gold Coin

Reward level: 100Edit

GoldCoin 3500 Gold Coin

Reward level: 150Edit

GoldCoin 4000 Gold Coin

Reward level: 180Edit

Title: Desert Conquerer
Stats: +0.1 Constitution
Pet Egg (Frog)

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