Dragon Card Ground2

Level of Dragon:16

Level of Character at ToC:15

Species: Nightwind

Name: Denfa





Capturing a NightwindEdit

West of Fatoia look for a small area full of Green Raptors where the Nightwind event is. "Harvest" the eggs, defeat some raptors, and a Nightwind will come to defend his fellow raptors.

About DenfaEdit

Denfa is really short for "Den Father" since not just do the Nightwinds come in defense of their fellow dragons during the "Nightwind's Lair" event, but also because during times in the Dragon's Lair, Denfa has also made his name more better applied to him because he helps younger dragons that are not of adolescent or adult ages. Denfa is, like all Nightwinds, an agile and ferocious dragon who only partners with those who are strong enough. Denfa often helps my other dragons train, but he is often unwilling to work with Xavier (my Vextide), as his rebellious nature and desire to be the toughest leads to scuffles between Denfa and him. Denfa is always willing to duel out of good sport and even if he is defeated he seems to rellish in the challenge.         Caught at character level 15, on 6/6/13 about a half an our after catching Xavier (See Dragon Drop Card - Vextide - Cyberwolf309)                                                                          

A side note to all Kronos players who want to obtain a Nightwind: Contact me and I will party with you when few or no people are doing the Nightwind event. This is mainly to lowbies with good charisma. The common raptors will be a threat when attempting to capture and I would be glad to hold them off.

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