Dragon Species: Vextide


Level Caught:13


Physical Attack: 134.5


Character that Dragon is partnered with: Cyberwolf309

Xavier, a Vextide dragon found north of Hunak in the "Loyal Guardian" public event, is one of my two Event dragons. He is an aqua dragon of the Tresher type. You must complete the first two stages of "Loyal Guardian" to obtain a Vextide. I will explain a bit more below, as well as about my dragon.

Catching a VextideEdit

Some from Closed Beta may take one look and say "Wait, isn't that a Primal Ridgewater?" and yes they are. They have just been renamed. I caught this guy with 86 charisma points. You must travel north of Hunak and when you see Juvenile Threshers you shall need to look to east for an entrance to another small area (not a dungeon entrance, I mean like a area you can get through) and if it says       "Public Event - Loyal Guardian", you are in the right place. You must first kill frogs for the elder dragon to eat (you cannot obtain the dragon you are helping) and then defend him from threshers. When the Vextide shows up you must, as with all event dragons, hit him a certain amount of times before you are able to attempt to capture him. Beware of the constantly spawning Juvenile Threshers!

About XavierEdit

A born rebel, Xavier seems to not much obey even me. However, he is loyal to me enough to aid me in battle and allow me to be transported on his back. He is actually quite kind but doesn't like to be bossed around. He is the first Public Event dragon I got on Open Beta.    (Captured him at character level 14, on 6/6/13)

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