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This is a list of all Dragons found in all zone and regions.

Satuma (zone closed since 18 Sept 2013).Edit

Level Name Type Region
7 Greedy Omen Dragon Windrider Yes
7 Omen Raptor Dragon Windrider Yes
7 Shade Chaser Windrider Yes
9 Satuma Scaleskin Dragon Stalwart Yes
9 Juvenile Thresher Dragon Aqua Yes
10 Vextide Aqua Yes
14 Glaring Wolfwing Dragon Windrider Yes
16 Midnight Windrider Yes
17 Dancing Lotus Dragon Skytouched Yes
19 Floating Lotus Dragon Skytouched Yes
21 Thistle Horned Dragon Windrider Yes
23 Silverblade Windrider Yes
23 Jade Predator Dragon Skytouched Yes
23 Shaggy Jadecrown Dragon Stalwart Yes
23-25 StarGazer Skytouched Yes
24 Kanze Bloodbone Dragon Swiftfoot Yes
25 Thornlash Razorspine Yes
25 Crow Bone Swiftfoot Yes
27 Mossy Ridgecrest Dragon Stalwart Yes
28 Thorned Ironclaw Dragon Paragon Yes
30 Golden Shield Stalwart Yes
30 Finned Muckscale Dragon Aqua Yes
35 Onyx Smoke Ancient Yes

Bakra (zone closed since 18 Sept 2013)Edit

Level Name Type Region
7 Bloodcrown Raptor Dragon Swiftfoot Yes
7 Savage Raptor Dragon Swiftfoot Yes
7 Vicious Raptor Dragon Swiftfoot Yes
9 Flecked Raptor Dragon Swiftfoot Yes
10 Bloodwrath Swiftfoot Yes
10 Plated Longtooth Dragon Stalwart Yes
13 Greenscale Raptor Dragon Swiftfoot Yes
14 Horned Bristleback Dragon Stalwart Yes
16 Crested Bristleback Dragon Stalwart Yes
16 Nightwind Swiftfoot Yes
16 Horned Specklewing Dragon Skytouched Yes
19 Emerald Sapwing Dragon Windrider Yes
21 Squelch Stalwart Yes
21 Crimson Bristleback Dragon Stalwart Yes
21 Razorfang Raptor Dragon Swiftfoot Yes
24 Hunchback Deathsnapper Dragon Aqua Yes
24 Drifting Lotus Dragon Skytouched Yes
25 Blackblade Aqua Yes
26 Slinking Razormaw Dragon Aqua Yes
26 Opulent Rootwing Dragon Skytouched Yes
26 Crested Spineback Dragon Windrider Yes
26 Screaming Raptor Dragon Swiftfoot Yes
27 Hookwing Windrider Yes
29 Highland Longtooth Dragon Stalwart Yes
29 Highland Swiftfoot Dragon Swiftfoot Yes
30 Thistlefur Ironclaw Dragon Paragon Yes
? Granite Ridgestalker Dragon Paragon Yes
31 Golden Shadow Paragon Yes
35 Umbral Glare Ancient Yes


Level Name Type Region
5 Tamed Verdant Predator Dragon Skytouched Yes
7 Carnivorous Ash Rock Dragon Skytouched Yes
7 Scarlet-tinged Amethyst Dragon Skytouched Yes
9 Savage Wolfwing Dragon Windrider Yes
9 Verdant Predator Dragon Skytouched Yes
10 Raging Storm Skytouched Yes
11 Spiked Razorback Dragon Swiftfoot Yes
12 Wandering Lotus Dragon Skytouched Yes
14 Parsing Shadow Windrider Yes
14 Stalking Wolfwing Dragon Windrider Yes
17 Toughshell Stalwart Dragon Stalwart Yes
19 Thornscale Aqua Dragon Aqua Yes
19 Lockjaw Aqua Yes
19 Crooked Tooth Aqua Yes
19 Swift Marshjumper Dragon Swiftfoot Yes
20 Earthen Stonewing Dragon Skytouched Yes
22 Bonemasked Ironclaw Dragon Paragon Yes
24 Volcanic Infiltrator Dragon Windrider Yes
28 Vibrant Ridgecrest Dragon Stalwart Yes
28 Majestic Crown Stalwart Yes
28 Golden Wingcrawler Dragon Windrider Yes
28 Horned Wingcrawler Dragon Windrider Yes
30 Bloodwater Aqua Dragon Aqua Yes
30 Blood Fin Aqua Yes
35 Sickle Fang Windrider Yes
35 Pale Radiance Ancient Yes
35 Indigo Flare Ancient Yes


Level Name Type Region
31 Stubborn Kettleback Dragon Stalwart Yes
31 Slinking Shadowback Dragon Swiftfoot Yes
31 Indigo Wavecrusher Dragon Aqua Yes
33 Undertow Aqua Yes
33 Sapphire Undertow Dragon Aqua Yes
33 Aqua Mudscale Dragon Aqua Yes
33 Sturdy Kettleback Dragon Stalwart Yes
34 Crimson Cockatrice Dragon Skytouched Yes
34 Demeted Fategazer Dragon Swiftfoot Yes
34 Neurotic Skitterbeak Dragon Swiftfoot Yes
34 Stalwart Thornedge Dragon Stalwart Yes
34 Swift Sodscale Dragon Swiftfoot Yes
35 Skitter Swiftfoot Yes
35 Bold Spirehorn Dragon Stalwart Yes
35 Young Spirehorn Dragon Stalwart Yes
35 Noxious Fangcrusher Dragon Paragon Yes
35 Horned Specklewing Dragon Skytouched Yes
? Gripmaw Paragon Yes
35 Brawny Sandshell Dragon Stalwart Yes
35 Lurking Fancrusher Dragon Paragon Yes
35 Horned Fernwing Dragon Skytouched Yes
35 Brimstone Skytouched Yes
36 Bloodthistle Predator Dragon Skytouched Yes
36 Bonesheathed Windrider Dragon Windrider Yes
36 Crowned Spikeback Dragon Swiftfoot Yes
36 Focused Skybronze Dragon Windrider Yes
36 Intrepid Umberhusk Dragon Aqua Yes
36 Frilled Sunsail Dragon Swiftfoot Yes
36 Staunch Suncrest Dragon Stalwart Yes
36 Tenebrous Talonrake Dragon Skytouched Yes
37 Bladeback Infiltrator Dragon Windrider Yes
37 Crimson Blackblood Dragon Skytouched Yes
37 Frilled Duskstrider Dragon Swiftfoot Yes
37 Misting Ironclaw Dragon Paragon Yes
37 Stalwart Bonemask Dragon Stalwart Yes
38 Primal Wavecrusher Dragon Aqua Yes
38 Bloodthirsty Rustwind Dragon Windrider Yes
38 Seething Impcrown Dragon Swiftfoot Yes
38 Sinister Sleekscale Dragon Paragon Yes
38 Shady Scalebrand Dragon Aqua Yes
38 Mottled Impcrown Dragon Swiftfoot Yes
38 Violent Impcrown Dragon Swiftfoot Yes
38 Inferno Swiftfoot Yes
39 Silent Enmity Aqua Yes
Char Balge Ancient Yes
45 Cobalt Lightning Ancient Yes
45 Primal Star Ancient Yes


Level Name Type Region
41 Timid Grovesprout Dragon Stalwart Yes
42 Scaled Deepsea Dragon Aqua Yes
43 Agile Plainstrider Dragon Swiftfoot Yes
44 Stoic Stitchscale Dragon Aqua Yes
? Triumph Aqua Yes
45 Empyrean Lotus Dragon Skytouched Yes
46 Corrupted Wynnadia Dragon Razorspine Yes
46 Captured Wynnadia Dragon Razorspine Yes
46 Blinktail Razorspine Yes
45 Slithering Wynnadia Dragon Razorspine Yes
46 Vibrant Ridgecrest Dragon (Wynnadia) Stalwart Yes
? Autumn Wind Skytouched Yes
50 Rabid Bloodfeaster Dragon Windrider Yes
50 Imposing Preygorge Dragon Skytouched Yes
50 Burly Shieldscalp Dragon Stalwart Yes
55 Fungal Bloom Ancient Yes
55 Midnight Shade Ancient Yes
55 Ancient Shadow Ancient Yes


Level Name Type Region
50 Cursebone Predator Dragon Skytouched Yes
50 Phantom Windrider Yes
51 Noble Swiftfoot Dragon Swiftfoot Yes
53 Fickle Goldcrook Dragon Paragon Yes
53 Green Thieving Dragon Paragon Yes
53 Mahogany Slytooth Dragon Paragon Yes
52 Slake Throat Paragon Yes
55 Scaled Moltenpeak Dragon Windrider Yes
56 Arid Spikehorn Dragon Swiftfoot Yes
58 Arid Dunestalker Dragon Dunestalker Yes
58 Typhoon Dunestalker Yes
60 Gaunt Leatherwing Dragon Skytouched Yes
65 Shrouded Carnage Ancient Yes
65 Whispering Wind Ancient Yes
65 Dancing Rook Ancient Yes


Level Name Type Region
60 Tamed Whitenecked Elegant Dragon Swiftfoot Yes
60 Blood Rage Elegant Dragon Swiftfoot Yes
63 Gelid Sawtooth Dragon Stalwart Yes
64 Frostspike Raptor Dragon Swiftfoot Yes
67 Tundra Sawtooth Dragon Stalwart Yes
67 Glacial Crushmaw Dragon Aqua Yes
68 Dusktalon Skytouched Yes
68 Aurora Frostplume Dragon Skytouched Yes
69 Frozen Windrider Dragon Windrider Yes
69 Grotesque Ironjaw Dragon (Wintertide) Aqua Yes
69 Merciless Paragon Dragon Paragon Yes
75 Lunar Frost Ancient Yes
75 Shattered Rage Ancient Yes
75 Twilight Ocean Ancient Yes


Level Name Type Region
72 Swift Fernscale Dragon Swiftfoot Yes
72 Cavern Slitherskin Dragon Aqua Yes
72 Grotesque Ironjaw Dragon Dunestalker Yes
73 Frosty Sawtooth Dragon Stalwart Yes
73 Clever Firuza Swiftfoot Yes
75 Wandering Snowneck Dragon Swiftfoot Yes
75 Frostfur Ironclaw Dragon Razorspine Yes
77 Gilled Sandcrawler Dragon Razorspine Yes
77 Burly Shieldscalp Dragon Stalwart Yes
77 Furious Darkfang Dragon Stalwart Yes
77 Scaled Bloodboil Dragon Aqua Yes
78 Arctic Thorncowl Dragon Windrider Yes
78 Volcanic Talonrake Dragon Skytouched Yes
80 Gilled Sandcrawler Dragon Razorspine Yes
85 Alabaster Sailhorn Mythical Yes
85 Silverthorn Skytouched Yes
85 Solar Eclipse Ancient Yes
85 Ember Spark Ancient Yes


Level Name Type Region
81 Charcoal Dustrunner Dragon Swiftfoot Yes
81 Spined Whispertongue Dragon Paragon Yes
82 Skulking Cobaltfang Dragon Razorspine Yes
83 Crystal Tooth Razorspine Yes
83 Volcanic Talonrake Dragon Skytouched Yes
84 Russet Boneplate Dragon Stalwart Yes
85 Mechanic Dragon Stalwart Yes
85 Webbed Moonshadow Dragon Dunestalker Yes
85 Nebbish Burrowing Dragon Windrider Yes
87 Lumbering Thornspike Dragon Stalwart Yes
87 Predatory Ashwind Dragon Skytouched Yes
88 Slinking Wasteland Dragon Razorspine Yes
89 Firebrand Skytouched Yes
90 Liquid Silver Ancient Yes
95 Recursive Nightmare Ancient YesRoaming
95 Dark Flame Assault YesRoaming
95 Hazul the Swirling Flame Mythical YesRoaming
95 Fyonorr Ancient Yes


Level Name Type Region
91 Zartin Thresher Dragon Aqua Yes
91 Zartin Impcrown Dragon Swiftfoot Yes
91 Red Horn Swiftfoot Yes
92 Zartin Bristleback Dragon Stalwart Yes
92 Green Marble Stalwart Yes
92 Ironwing Dragon Skytouched Yes
92 Crimson Ironwing Dragon Skytouched Yes
93 Luketic Wolfwing Dragon Windrider Yes
93-94 Luketic Rageclaw Dragon Paragon Yes
94 Devilish Ironclaw Dragon Paragon Yes
94 Orinth Aquaflyer Dragon Aqua Yes
94 Blood Tail Paragon Yes
94 Scarlet Feeler Aqua Yes
94 Khalon Rockback Dragon Aqua Yes
94 Luketic Spearcrown Dragon Stalwart Yes
99 Scarlet Bloom Ancient Yes
99 Indigo Stone Ironhide Yes
99 Verdant Fin Ancient Yes
99 Crimson Thorn Ancient Yes


Level Name Type Region
95 Anchor Soul Razorspine Yes
95 Browntooth Stalwart Yes
95 Jungle Razorspine Dragon Razorspine Yes
95 Ralthon Plated Longtooth Dragon Stalwart Yes
96 Chiseltooth Ironclaw Dragon Paragon Yes
96 Painez Greenscale Skytouched Dragon Skytouched Yes
96-97 Yellowfin Thresher Dragon Dunestalker Yes
96-97 Bluefin Thresher Dragon Dunestalker Yes
97 Boneback Dunestalker Yes
97 Trihorn Browncrown Dragon Swiftfoot Yes
98 Cinyorin Wolfwing Dragon Windrider Yes
98 Flying Rock Skytouched Yes
98 Petrified Skytouched Dragon Skytouched Yes
98 Stonewater Aqua Dragon Aqua Yes
98 Viridescent Stalwart Yes
98 Whitemain Plated Longtooth Dragon Stalwart Yes
98 Calculus Ancient Yes
98 Silver Wings Ancient Yes
103 Son of Tyre Ancient Yes
103 Green Hermit Ancient Yes
103 Phantom Stone Assault Yes

Baerton Frontier IslandsEdit

Level Name Type Region
39-47 53-55 Nightslayer Predator Dragon Skytouched Yes
39-41 73-75 Skywind Predator Dragon Skytouched Yes
56-58 73-75 Ruby Cockatrice Dragon Skytouched Yes
58-60 77-79 Nightstalker Cockatrice Dragon Skytouched Yes
39-47 Indigold Bristleback Dragon Stalwart Yes
56-58 75-79 Indigold Hardshell Dragon Stalwart Yes
56-58 73-75 Earthen Lancehead Dragon Stalwart Yes
42-47 58-60 77-79 Mosshorn Raptor Dragon Swiftfoot Yes
56-58 Spirited Swiftfoot Dragon Swiftfoot Yes
56-58 Creeping Smokescale Dragon Swiftfoot Yes
77-79 Silver Bladeskin Dragon Swiftfoot Yes
56-58 Whispering Cloudstrider Dragon Paragon Yes
45-47 56-58 Duskglow Wolfwing Dragon Windrider Yes
39-47 53-55 58-60 Vile Skullhorn Dragon Windrider Yes
73-75 Jungle Windrider Dragon Windrider Yes
58-60 Blushing Thistlefang Dragon Windrider Yes
45-47 Snapping Mudtongue Dragon Aqua Yes
56-58 73-75 Clearwater Aqua Dragon Aqua Yes
58-60 Brightscale Thresher Dragon Aqua Yes
40-44 73-75 Rippleridge Tidewalker Dragon Dunestalker Yes
39-44 53-60 77-79 Burrowhead Thrashtail Dragon Razorspine Yes
56-58 73-75 Thorned Basilisk Dragon Razorspine Yes

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