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Quest Summary TextEdit

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    • The ruins you can see in Puresha were once part of the ancient Chago Empire. It was a powerful nation during the The First Dragon War, before its downfall. It was destroyed by a natural disaster. Ayron, Arboran, and many other lands were originally Chago lands. There are alters strewn among the ruins. According to my research, these alters weren't always used to worship the same deities. Aphaea used to be one of the Legendary Dragons worshiped by the Chago nobility. I have yet to find an instance of people worshiping a dragon without cause. This alter here was destroyed by someone. According to the records, there are some Alter Emblem nearby that are being looted by bandits. You're much better at fighting than I am. Can you go to Parsing Lumbering Camp and recover a few Altar Emblems?

Completion RequirementsEdit

  • Altar Emblem (0/6) - (Kill Parsing Thug, Rascals, Robbers)

Quest Completion TextEdit

  • Let me see... It appears that these people were under the impression that Aphaea meted out justice to evildoers. Justice, as it happens, is actually the purview of Ferniax the Silver Thunder. He was the God of Light and Justice. Aphaea had no particular interest in the well-being of mankind. This is a common misconception found in most of the legends regarding Aphaea. How shall I put it? Aphaea was neither good nor evil. How the Crystalline Orb reacted was based on their mental or nervous, all their guilt and aggression would be swallowed by the Crystalline Orb, preventing anything from happening either way. Thanks for your help. Please accept this gift!

Quest RewardsEdit

  • Expicon 1061 Experience Points
  • GoldCoin 578 Gold Coin
  • Scholar's Silver Ring of Wisdom (green)

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