What are Dungeon Points?Edit

Dungeon points are currently an invisible counter and are obtained from defeating the boss of any dungeon except for the four boss dungeons at the ends of almost every map.

Running on easy mode, each player in the party inside the dungeon when the boss is killed (they do not all have to hit it) will add 1 point to each players counter with a maximum of 5 a run. Meaning only normal parties are allowed, raid will not work. 

1 Player = 1 Point

2 Players = 2 Points

3 Players = 3 Points

4 Players = 4 Points

5 Players = 5 Points (Maximum)

On easy mode once hitting 300 dungeon points (or 60 runs with 5 people) you will have a 15% chance to summon the ancient dragon of that dungeon each run you do. You are also able to gather dungeon points in one dungeon and spawn the dragon in a different dungeon only if they are on the same map as each zone has different counters.

The point system on hard mode gives you 1 point on hard and 1 point on easy. The dragon would have a 30% chance to spawn on hard. Each dungeon mode has a separate point counter so the points from easy and hard mode would not combine.

Upon spawning a dungeon ancient you will get a growl message on screen. Depending on how far away from the dragon you are it will say either nearby, somewhere, or in the distance. The message will also appear yellow inside the chat box. Everyone inside the dungeon when the growl message appears will have their points put back to 0. If you enter afterwards however, your points are safe.

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Occasionally the dungeon ancient will not display the growl message, so it is advised to check it's spawn location after each run to make sure no ninja spawns happen.


  • It is advised to break apart the party around 290-295 points and do solo runs from there on due to the dungeon ancient spawning resetting everyone's points back down to 0. All party members can have their own this way.
  • Tell your party before starting the runs if you have points in the chosen dungeon so they know you will be leaving early. It is considered very rude to spawn the dragon on everyone resetting their points back to 0 if they were hunting it.
  • Keep in mind that these dragons have a small percentage of spawning without the point system in place so early spawns can happen but rarely.
  • Record your points using paper, calculator, word document, etc.
Zone Dragon Dungeon
Puretia Indigo Flare Consus Cave, Tangaroa Abandoned Quarry, Ash Catacombs
Laedis Balge Aryna's Lair (Confirmed to not work in Nyrol's Nest and Gaesis' Roost)
Wynnadia Ancient Shadow Corzine, Nameless Keep, Well of Prophecy
Korhala Dancing Rook Deyarka Tunnel, Tanarkin Quarry, Aymori Sands
Wintertide Twilight Ocean Yodrak's Thunder, Lodar Caverns, Torran Prison
Inartia Ember Spark Arjak Caves, Artenne Ruins, Veilar Grotto
Alentia Fyonorr Barlam's Lair, Draconic Giant Outpost, Bloodstone Stronghold
Olandra Crimson Thorn Ironwing Lair, Bloodlust Crypt
Porthis Silver Wings Bladeguard Underpass, Moran Cavern
Thadrea Magical Silver Tonapah Tomb, Mictlan Corridor
Sitheran Indigo Flame Miroth Fortress, Black Tower


It has been tested and confirmed that:

  • The rumors of hard mode giving 2 points for each mode is incorrect.
  • Balge functions normally on hard mode in Aryna's Lair.
  • Balge will not spawn by use of the point system in Nyrol's Nest and Gaesis' Roost.


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