A Fragile PeaceEdit

However, both sides suffered great losses—Lysaia and Kholan paid for this victory with their lives. After the war, almost all the remaining dragons returned to Anotaria to take up residence there, but the Osira, who now had no one to unify them, returned to their nomadic ways, scattering all across the continent.

The Evil SlumbersEdit

Kronos' star, however, had not fallen from the heavens. With their thirst for power unquenched, the Shax believed that the Devouring Dragon still existed somehow, and continued searching for traces of Kronos, hoping one day to reassemble the Devouring Dragon Forces, and thus enabling them some day to rule this world once more.

Centuries have passed since the last great war, and the flora and fauna of Auratia have recovered from the great battles that took place. Cycles of life have renewed themselves, and all appears peaceful and serene, but far in the southernmost reaches of Auratia, in the impenetrable darkness of the Valley of Death, a pair of piercing red eyes flickers to life in the blackness—eyes filled with hate and revenge...