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From Exclusive Dragons, tons of Items and even a Starter Kit for your house.

VIP Early Access Packs

SeekerPack MasterPack LordPack
Dragon Seeker

Exclusive in-game Title

Dragon Master

Exclusive in-game Title

Dragon Lord

Exclusive in-game Title

VIP Beta Access VIP Beta Access VIP Beta Access
Sc 2,000 Sc 4,000 Sc 9,000
37 Items!

Basic Starter Pack

56 Items!

Enhanced Starter Pack

81 Items!

Legendary Starter Pack

Xout Monarch-dragonMonarch Dragon Runewaker-dragonRunewaker Dragon
Xout Xout


Exclusive Outfit- Dragonfire Armor



Vanity Outfit- Darksteel Armor


Vanity Outfit- Darksteel Armor

Xout Xout


4 Exclusive Weapon Skins

Xout 8 Additional Bag Slots Unlocked 8 Additional Bag Slots Unlocked
Xout 10 Additional Bank Slots Unlocked 20 Additional Bank Slots Unlocked


Small House +6 Housing Items


Large House +8 Housing Items

Xout Xout 1 Weapon and Armor Rack Housing Item
Xout Xout 1 Dragon Inventory Expansion Slot
Xout Xout 1 Dragon Stable Expansion
Total Cost:


Total Cost:


Total Cost:


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