The Fafnir event was patched into the North American version of the game on August 15, 2013 and reactivated September 2015. On the European version, Fafnir is always active.

Fafnir is a poisonous dragon, it is said that he hides a large amount of treasure through a portal. If he is defeated, that treasure can be taken.

Achivements Quests
Fafnir's Heir Fafnir the Venomous
Fafnir Slayer Fafnir's Treasure Chest
Keymaster Gatekeeper
Breath of Fresh Air Reginald's Diary
Venomous Treasure
In the Diary of Reg
Drink Breath of Handras
Discard Breath of Handras


  • Title: "Fafnir Slayer"

The following rewards are random:

  • Inartia Dragon Shard Pouch
  • Fafnir’s Blood: Allows you to dodge death once during a 2h period
  • Fafnir’s Breath: Gives you 100 Dragon Soul for 10 min
  • Costume Weapon 1h Sword: Geramor
  • Costume Weapon 1h Sword: Levatein
  • Costume Weapon 1h Staff: Wand of Volta
  • Costume Weapon 1h Staff: Ganbatte
  • Costume Weapon Talisman: Ichisva

Event GuideEdit

Fafnir may be done once per real life day. If you have already done it before, only steps 2-4 are relevant to you.

Step 1Edit

To start the quest line for Fafnir head to the town Serpent's Watch at the beginning of Wintertide. Next to the train tracks an NPC called Wayfarer Officer will give you the first quest, Fafnir the Venomous.

DragonsProphet 20151001 232153

Step 2Edit

After taking the quest from the Wayfarer Officer, head to the next town Messner. On the top floor of the Inn across from the Dragon Lair, will be an NPC called Reginald. Speak to him to complete your quest and then take the two quests he offers, Fafnir's Treasure Chest, and Gatekeeper.

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Step 3Edit

After taking the two quests Reginald offers, head over to the first dungeon in Wintertide, Yodrak's Thunder. The dungeon must be ran on Adventure Mode (Hard). The boss of the dungeon will drop Breath of Handras and the Aleweyn's Keystone required to enter the Fafnir event realm. Additionally, inside the dungeon Yodrak Shaman and Blood Rage Chosen Guard also have the chance to drop Breath of Handras.

DragonsProphet 20151002 001849

Step 4Edit

Once getting your Breath of Handras and the Aleweyn's Keystone, head over to Frost Dragon's Breath between Messner and Serpent's Watch to enter the event. Before entering, drink the Breath of Handras to prevent the poison inside from killing you. After killing Fafnir loot the treasure chest at the back of the map to receive a random item from the reward list above.

DragonsProphet 20151002 003553

Step 5Edit

When you exit the instance, Reginold will appear and charge at you. Defeat him to obtain Reginald's Diary which will give you the option to take the final quest Reginald's Diary upon reading it. Complete the quest at the Wayfarer Officer in Serpent's Watch to finish the event.


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