Glaring Wolfwing Dragon
Glaring Wolfwing Dragon
Vital Statistics
Level 14
Zone Satuma
Region Avanah Forest, Wayfarer Lookout, Tarrock Brook, Tahkar Valley
Family Windrider
Running Speed 175%
Gliding Speed 180%
Wild HP 3743
Glaring Wolfwing Dragon Location

Dragon CompendiumEdit

"It is a big problem to the local community as it actively reproduces in the Avanah Forest region of Satuma and often steals food and livestock from the people there."


Glaring Wolfwing Dragon is a level 14 Wyvern Dragon found around Avanah Forest, Wayfarer Lookout, Tarrock Brook, and Tahkar Valley (in the path to Rykar Encampment) regions of Satuma.

Dragon EggsEdit

This Dragon can be obtained from the following Unhatched Dragon Eggs :