Greedy Omen Dragon
Greedy Omen Dragon
Vital Statistics
Level 7
Zone Satuma
Region Avanah's Omen
Family Windrider
Running Speed 175%
Gliding Speed 180%
Greedy Raptor Dragon Location

Dragon CompendiumEdit

"These emerald green dragons are often seeing jumping through the forest with incredible agility. Found in Satuma's Avanah's Omen region, the Greedy Omen Dragons have long been a source of astonishment and mystery for the local population. The regions Giants, however, likely find them little more than a nuisance."


Greedy Omen Dragon is a level 7 Wyvern Dragon found inside Avanah's Omen. There are a few of these dragons in the dungeon. Greedy Omen Dragon differs in aspect from Omen Raptor Dragon only by the tail.