The warm wind blows from the north through the Inartia region, carrying memories of a long-gone red dragon. Methus the Red Flame once tore apart much of Auratia in his quest for power during the Dragon Wars. Connected by Wintertide in the south and surrounded by the Adra Mountains on the north, this tundra basin is now the home of thieves and survivors. Even so, the area is considered one of the most peaceful zones on the northern continent, mostly thanks to the Lukara Kingdom.

Dragon's Prophet Intro To Inartia

Dragon's Prophet Intro To Inartia


Before the Second Dragon War, this town was known far and wide for its Arpati Punch.


The war caused a severe climate change, which resulted in the death of many of the berryfruit-yielding trees. Some trees still exist in the north but due to dangerous beasts, most townsfolk are unable to venture far enough to search for them.

Mytia WoodlandsEdit

To the north of Arpati is the Mytia Woodlands, an ancient forest withgigantic trees.

This was once a prime habitat for golden berryfruit, the main ingredient in Arpati's legendary Arpati Punch. However, few remain after the damaging climate shift of the Second Dragon War.

Cinderstone Village & Veilar SpringEdit

A famous tourist spot, Cinderstone Village and Veilar Spring sell a variety of fine spring-related products.

The spring itself was created by the interaction between a volcano and glacier. It became so famous that the Lukara Royal Family now uses it for their special events. In the center of the spring is the Royal Engineering Foundation. There, researchers study geothermal activity and steam.

Lukara KingdomEdit

Located to the east of Mount Adra, Lukara Kingdom is Inartia’s most powerful military force.

The current king, Narl Thalos, uses powerful steam corps. The famous craftsman Shadrilo Kenax, a former Shax, originally constructed these creations. After the “Steam King” took over by force, the Lukara Kingdom was markedly revitalized.

Mount Adra & Methus ShrineEdit

The Adra Mountains sprawl menacingly across northern Inartia. At its peak, Mount Adra is the largest volcano on the northern continent and was once the dwelling place of Methus.


He built himself a shrine at the bottom, but it was deserted after his death. The shrine used to bear witness to horrific fights where Methus’ followers would duel to the death for his pleasure. Today, not much is left of the shrine. It has been taken over by the vicious Steelsnarl Wolfmen.



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