Vital Statistics
Level 38
Land Dungeon
Zone Laedis
Region Gaesis' Roost
Family Swiftfoot
Running Speed 180%
Inferno location

Dragon CompendiumEdit

"The largest and most combative among all Seething Impcrown Dragons, Inferno's offensive power that exceeds that of most Swiftfoot Dragons. It makes its home in Gaesis' Roost in Laedis."


Inferno is a level 38 dungeon rare Raptor dragon located within Gaesis' Roost in Laedis. He will spawn during the cutscene that takes place at the camp. If he has spawned, the cutsene will show 6 dragons moving towards the camp instead of the regular 5 dragons.


Inferno could be inspired by 'Infernum Productions' logo. The logo shows a dragon with one horn on each side of the head, with a wing, and a hand holding a matchstick on fire.

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