Item Enhancement, and its tabs by LittleBlade

Item EnhancementEdit

There are several reasons to learn Item enhancement

Is a part of the daily, weekly, and monthly
Will eventually be required, as normal repairing at merchants reduces maximum durability

Item enhancement is accessed with the default hot key Y and brings up this screen."

The left box is where you put equipment, and the right box is where you put invocation orbs. The orbs will increase the chance of success of the item enhancement. You can also use the dragon insignias, as well as sony cash(never recommended) to increase the chance at success.

you can increase the physical and magical (defense of damage based on if it is a weapon or piece of armor) energy, which increases the capacity to hold dragon shards, and endurance, which increase maximum durability of the item. When an item enhancement fails the circle flashes red, and the item loses durability shown in this picture.

The last thing to note is it is possible to go past the apparent max value, and when done the bar turns blue as shown in this picture with the endurance.

Attributes TransformationEdit

The next tab is called Attributes(s) Transformation. And this tab is used to randomly change the current attributes stats, to new stats up to a maximum of the same attribute. for instance in this picture

The rings Dragon affinity is currently at the max that the ring can have, and is blue to help show this. The healing Power state is at 10, with a maximum possibility of 17. So if I were to use the attribute transformation, then the likely outcome would be a decrease in dragon affinity, and a close equal chance of healing power increasing or decreasing.

Attribute TransferEdit

The Attribute Transfer tab lets you take the attribute type from one item, and place them on another. The items must be of the same type, and you can not destroy a rarer or higher level item to put the stats on a lower level or lower rarity item. the screen looks like this

The item to receive the attributes is put in the left, and the item to be consumed on the right. Please note, that if the receiving item does not have empty slots for attributes then it will overwrite its current ones.

Attribute SwitchEdit

Attribute switch is similar to transfer, and has the same rules for use as Attribute Transfer. The difference is that it will completely overwrite the stats on the receiving item with the item that is being consumed.

For both the last two tabs, you must either use Sony Cash or much preferable the dragon insignias which you can get from dailies and some achievement rewards.

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