Level Name Icon Equipped
38 Dire Wolf Cloak Lvl 38 DireWolf cloak icon Lvl 38 DireWolf cloak
38 Rock Oath Cloak Lvl 38 RockOath cloak icon Lvl 38 RockOath cloak
44 Hybrau Cape Lvl 44 Hybrau cape icon Lvl 44 Hybrau cape
52 Exile Cloak Lvl 52 Exile cloak icon Lvl 52 Exile cloak
59 Monarch's Judgement Cape Lvl 59 MonarchsJudgement cape icon Lvl 59 MonarchsJudgement cape
60 Broken Feather Cloak Lvl 60 BrokenFeather cloak icon Lvl 60 BrokenFeather cloak
60 Dragon's Breath Crusade Cape Lvl 60 DragonsBreathCrusade cape icon Lvl 60 DragonsBreathCrusade cape
60 Holy Knight Shroud Lvl 60 HolyKnight shroud icon Lvl 60 HolyKnight shroud
60 Lucky Nomad Cloak Lvl 60 LuckyNomad cloak icon Lvl 60 LuckyNomad cloak
60 Morning Star Cloak Lvl 60 MorningStar cloak icon Lvl 60 MorningStar cloak
60 Night Mist Cape Lvl 60 NightMist cape icon Lvl 60 NightMist cape
60 Oredo Cloak Lvl 60 Oredo cloak icon Lvl 60 Oredo cloak
60 Swift Eagle Cloak Lvl 60 SwiftEagle cloak icon Lvl 60 SwiftEagle cloak

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