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Satuma (zone closed since 18 Sept 2013).Edit

Level Name Type Region
7 Greedy Omen Dragon Windrider Avanah Omen
7 Omen Raptor Dragon Windrider Avanah Omen
7 Shade Chaser Windrider Avanah Omen (Rare)
9 Satuma Scaleskin Dragon Stalwart Avanah Forest
9 Juvenile Thresher Dragon Aqua Zaro Sandbank
10 Vextide Aqua Derutar Hollow
(Public Event Boss)
14 Glaring Wolfwing Dragon Windrider Avanah Forest,
Tarrock Brook,
Tahkar Valley
16 Midnight Windrider Tarrock Brook
(Public Event Boss)
17 Dancing Lotus Dragon Skytouched Rykar Encampment
19 Floating Lotus Dragon Skytouched Tahkar Mountain Pass
21 Thistle Horned Dragon Windrider Kanze Valley
23 Silverblade Windrider Kanze Valley
(Public Event Boss)
23 Jade Predator Dragon Skytouched Silia Shrine
23 Shaggy Jadecrown Dragon Stalwart Silia Shrine
23-25 StarGazer Skytouched Silia Shrine (Rare)
24 Kanze Bloodbone Dragon Swiftfoot Fishbone Enclave
25 Thornlash Razorspine Deyarka Keep (Rare)
25 Crow Bone Swiftfoot Kanze Valley
(Public Event Boss)
27 Mossy Ridgecrest Dragon Stalwart Oristan Woodlands
28 Thorned Ironclaw Dragon Paragon Oristan Woodlands
30 Golden Shield Stalwart Kanze Valley
(Public Event Boss)
30 Finned Muckscale Dragon Aqua Lake Oristan
35 Onyx Smoke Ancient Upper Horseshoe

Bakra (zone closed since 18 Sept 2013).Edit

Level Name Type Region
7 Bloodcrown Raptor Dragon Swiftfoot Omati Gorge
7 Savage Raptor Dragon Swiftfoot Omati Gorge
7 Vicious Raptor Dragon Swiftfoot Omati Gorge
9 Flecked Raptor Dragon Swiftfoot Mount Ayden
10 Bloodwrath Swiftfoot Omati Gorge (Rare)
10 Plated Longtooth Dragon Stalwart Mount Ayden
13 Greenscale Raptor Dragon Swiftfoot Mount Ayden
14 Horned Bristleback Dragon Stalwart Mount Ayden
16 Crested Bristleback Dragon Stalwart Wyncrest Grove
16 Nightwind Swiftfoot Mount Ayden
(Public Event Boss)
16 Horned Specklewing Dragon Skytouched Wyncrest Grove
19 Emerald Sapwing Dragon Windrider Ayron Ruins
21 Squelch Stalwart Seething Cave (Rare)
21 Crimson Bristleback Dragon Stalwart Sorthina Point
21 Razorfang Raptor Dragon Swiftfoot Sorthina Point
24 Hunchback Deathsnapper Dragon Aqua Lake Charmaza
24 Drifting Lotus Dragon Skytouched Charmaza Falls
25 Blackblade Aqua Charmaza Falls (Boss)
26 Slinking Razormaw Dragon Aqua Charmaza Falls
26 Opulent Rootwing Dragon Skytouched Kleios Glen
26 Crested Spineback Dragon Windrider Kleios Glen
26 Screaming Raptor Dragon Swiftfoot Kleios Sanctum
27 Hookwing Windrider Kleios Glen
(Public Event Boss)
29 Highland Longtooth Dragon Stalwart Nileo Highlands
29 Highland Swiftfoot Dragon Swiftfoot Arboran Ruins
30 Thistlefur Ironclaw Dragon Paragon Arboran Ruins
? Granite Ridgestalker Dragon Paragon Arboran Ruins (Rare)
31 Golden Shadow Paragon Arboran Ruins (Boss)
35 Umbral Glare Ancient ?


Level Name Type Region
5 Tamed Verdant Predator Dragon Skytouched Norklanth Forest
7 Carnivorous Ash Rock Dragon Skytouched Consus Cave
7 Scarlet-tinged Amethyst Dragon Skytouched Consus Cave
9 Savage Wolfwing Dragon Windrider Norklanth Forest
9 Verdant Predator Dragon Skytouched Norklanth Forest
10 Raging Storm Skytouched Consus Cave (Rare)
11 Spiked Razorback Dragon Swiftfoot West Parsing Woods
12 Wandering Lotus Dragon Skytouched Craig Valley
14 Parsing Shadow Windrider East Parsing Woods
(Public Event Boss)
14 Stalking Wolfwing Dragon Windrider East Parsing Woods
17 Toughshell Stalwart Dragon Stalwart Parsing Backwoods
19 Thornscale Aqua Dragon Aqua Lake Krent
19 Lockjaw Aqua Tangaroa Abandoned Quarry (Rare)
19 Crooked Tooth Aqua Lake Krent (Boss)
19 Swift Marshjumper Dragon Swiftfoot Lake Krent
20 Earthen Stonewing Dragon Skytouched Koter Pass
22 Bonemasked Ironclaw Dragon Paragon Koter Pass
24 Volcanic Infiltrator Dragon Windrider Chago Path
28 Vibrant Ridgecrest Dragon Stalwart Arboran Plain
28 Majestic Crown Stalwart Ash Pathway
(Public Event Boss)
28 Golden Wingcrawler Dragon Windrider Ash Catacombs
28 Horned Wingcrawler Dragon Windrider Ash Catacombs
30 Bloodwater Aqua Dragon Aqua Ash Valley
30 Blood Fin Aqua Ash Valley (Boss)
35 Sickle Fang Windrider Ash Catacombs (Rare)
35 Pale Radiance Ancient Lake Krent
35 Indigo Flare Ancient Consus Cave
Tangaroa Abandoned Quarry
Ash Catacombs
(All Rare)


Level Name Type Region
31 Stubborn Kettleback Dragon Stalwart Ornost Region
31 Slinking Shadowback Dragon Swiftfoot Ornost Region
31 Indigo Wavecrusher Dragon Aqua Nyrol's Nest
33 Undertow Aqua Nyrol's Nest (Rare)
33 Sapphire Undertow Dragon Aqua Zidray
33 Aqua Mudscale Dragon Aqua Zidray
33 Sturdy Kettleback Dragon Stalwart Skywo Plains
34 Crimson Cockatrice Dragon Skytouched Skywo Plains
34 Demeted Fategazer Dragon Swiftfoot Skywo Plains
34 Neurotic Skitterbeak Dragon Swiftfoot Skywo Plains
34 Stalwart Thornedge Dragon Stalwart Skywo Plains
34 Swift Sodscale Dragon Swiftfoot Skywo Plains
35 Skitter Swiftfoot Skywo Plains (Rare)
35 Bold Spirehorn Dragon Stalwart Aryna's Lair
35 Young Spirehorn Dragon Stalwart Aryna's Lair
35 Noxious Fangcrusher Dragon Paragon Aryna's Lair
35 Horned Specklewing Dragon Skytouched Aryna's Lair
35 Gripmaw Paragon Aryna's Lair (Rare)
35 Brawny Sandshell Dragon Stalwart East Mount Longra
35 Lurking Fancrusher Dragon Paragon Guleik
35 Horned Fernwing Dragon Skytouched East Mount Longra
35 Brimstone Skytouched Skywo Plains
(Public Event Boss)
36 Bloodthistle Predator Dragon Skytouched Karuna's Blessing
36 Bonesheathed Windrider Dragon Windrider West Mount Longra
36 Crowned Spikeback Dragon Swiftfoot ?
36 Focused Skybronze Dragon Windrider Karuna's Blessing
36 Intrepid Umberhusk Dragon Aqua Karuna's Blessing
36 Frilled Sunsail Dragon Swiftfoot ?
36 Staunch Suncrest Dragon Stalwart Misting Jungle
36 Tenebrous Talonrake Dragon Skytouched ?
37 Bladeback Infiltrator Dragon Windrider ?
37 Crimson Blackblood Dragon Skytouched East Mount Longra (Boss)
37 Frilled Duskstrider Dragon Swiftfoot Misting Jungle
37 Misting Ironclaw Dragon Paragon Jungle Ruins
37 Stalwart Bonemask Dragon Stalwart Mount Longra East
38 Primal Wavecrusher Dragon Aqua Jungle Ruins
38 Bloodthirsty Rustwind Dragon Windrider Misting Jungle
38 Seething Impcrown Dragon Swiftfoot Misting Jungle
38 Sinister Sleekscale Dragon Paragon Misting Jungle
38 Shady Scalebrand Dragon Aqua Gaesis' Roost
38 Mottled Impcrown Dragon Swiftfoot Gaesis' Roost
38 Violent Impcrown Dragon Swiftfoot Gaesis' Roost
38 Inferno Swiftfoot Gaesis' Roost (Rare)
39 Silent Enmity Aqua Mount Longra East
15 Balge Ancient Nyrol's Nest
Aryna's Lair
Gaesis' Roost
(all Rare)
45 Cobalt Lightning Ancient Roaming
45 Primal Star Ancient Droan Island


Level Name Type Region
41 Timid Grovesprout Dragon Stalwart Wynnadia Plains
42 Scaled Deepsea Dragon Aqua Wynnadia Coast
43 Agile Plainstrider Dragon Swiftfoot Wynnadia Plains
44 Stoic Stitchscale Dragon Aqua Corzine
44 Triumph Aqua Corzine (Rare)
45 Empyrean Lotus Dragon Skytouched Outside Nameless Keep
46 Corrupted Wynnadia Dragon Razorspine Nameless Keep
46 Captured Wynnadia Dragon Razorspine Nameless Keep
46 Blinktail Razorspine Nameless Keep (Rare)
45 Slithering Wynnadia Dragon Razorspine Warthorne Meadows
46 Vibrant Ridgecrest Dragon (Wynnadia) Stalwart Warthrone Meadows
? Autumn Wind Skytouched Well of Prophecy (Rare)
50 Rabid Bloodfeaster Dragon Windrider Accursed Tower
50 Imposing Preygorge Dragon Skytouched Vagrants Path
50 Burly Shieldscalp Dragon Stalwart Vagrants Path
55 Fungal Bloom Ancient Roaming
55 Midnight Shade Ancient Roaming
55 Ancient Shadow Ancient Corzine
Nameless Keep
Well of Prophecy
(All Rare)


Level Name Type Region
50 Cursebone Predator Dragon Skytouched Deyarka Tunnel
50 Phantom Windrider Deyarka Tunnel (Rare)
51 Noble Swiftfoot Dragon Swiftfoot Hadubis Canyon
53 Fickle Goldcrook Dragon Paragon Sarpaldi Pass
53 Green Thieving Dragon Paragon Tanarkin Quarry
53 Mahogany Slytooth Dragon Paragon Tanarkin Quarry
52 Slake Throat Paragon Tanarkin Quarry (Rare)
55 Scaled Moltenpeak Dragon Windrider Yermizaar Sands
56 Arid Spikehorn Dragon Swiftfoot Sandwalker Burrow
58 Arid Dunestalker Dragon Dunestalker Yermizaar Sands
58 Typhoon Dunestalker Aymori Sands (Rare)
60 Gaunt Leatherwing Dragon Skytouched Peise Gallery
65 Shrouded Carnage Ancient Roaming
65 Whispering Wind Ancient Roaming
65 Dancing Rook Ancient Deyarka Tunnel
Tanarkin Quarry
Aymori Sands
(All Rare)


Level Name Type Region
60 Tamed Whitenecked Elegant Dragon Swiftfoot Yodrak's Thunder
60 Blood Rage Elegant Dragon Swiftfoot Yodrak's Thunder (Rare)
63 Gelid Sawtooth Dragon Stalwart Anorris Hills
64 Frostspike Raptor Dragon Swiftfoot Anorris Hills
67 Tundra Sawtooth Dragon Stalwart Lodar Caverns (Rare)
67 Glacial Crushmaw Dragon Aqua Lynor Lake
68 Dusktalon Skytouched Lynor Lake (Boss)
68 Aurora Frostplume Dragon Skytouched Lynor Lake
69 Frozen Windrider Dragon Windrider Nezza Hinterland
69 Grotesque Ironjaw Dragon (Wintertide) Aqua Torran Prison
69 Merciless Paragon Dragon Paragon Torran Prison (Rare)
75 Lunar Frost Ancient Roaming
75 Shattered Rage Ancient Roaming
75 Twilight Ocean Ancient Yodrak's Thunder
Lodar Caverns
Torran Prison
(all Rare)


Level Name Type Region
72 Swift Fernscale Dragon Swiftfoot Mytia Passage
72 Cavern Slitherskin Dragon Aqua Arjak Caves
72 Grotesque Ironjaw Dragon Dunestalker Arjak Caves (Rare)
73 Frosty Sawtooth Dragon Stalwart Mytia Woodlands
73 Clever Firuza Swiftfoot Mytia Passage (Public Event Boss)
75 Wandering Snowneck Dragon Swiftfoot Artenne Ruins(Rare)
75 Frostfur Ironclaw Dragon Razorspine Mytia Highlands
77 Gilled Sandcrawler Dragon Razorspine Veilar Grotto
77 Burly Shieldscalp Dragon Stalwart Veilar Grotto
77 Furious Darkfang Dragon Stalwart Veilar Grotto (Rare)
77 Scaled Bloodboil Dragon Aqua Veilar Springs
78 Arctic Thorncowl Dragon Windrider Dragon Skeleton Gorge
78 Volcanic Talonrake Dragon (Inartia) Skytouched Adra Highlands
80 Gilled Sandcrawler Dragon Razorspine Mount Adra
85 Alabaster Sailhorn Mythical Mytia Passage
85 Silverthorn Skytouched Roaming
85 Solar Eclipse Ancient Roaming
85 Ember Spark Ancient Dungeon Ancient


Level Name Type Region
81 Charcoal Dustrunner Dragon Swiftfoot Purgatory Valley Border
81 Spined Whispertongue Dragon Paragon Barlam's Vigilance
82 Skulking Cobaltfang Dragon Razorspine Barlam's Lair
83 Crystal Tooth Dragon Razorspine Barlam's Lair(Rare)
83 Volcanic Talonrake Dragon (Alentia) Skytouched Remington Lumber Company
84 Russet Boneplate Dragon Stalwart Luna Ruins
85 Mechanic Dragon Stalwart Draconic Giant Outpost (Rare)
85 Webbed Moonshadow Dragon Dunestalker Waverider Lake
85 Nebbish Burrowing Dragon Windrider Waverider Lake
87 Lumbering Thornspike Dragon Stalwart Bloodpike Arch
87 Predatory Ashwind Dragon Skytouched Soaring Eagle Post
88 Slinking Wasteland Dragon Razorspine Bloodstone Mountain Pass
89 Firebrand Skytouched Bloodstone Stronghold(Rare)
90 Liquid Silver Ancient Dragonheart Temple
95 Recursive Nightmare Ancient Roaming
95 Dark Flame Assault Roaming
95 Hazul the Swirling Flame Mythical Roaming
90 Fyonorr Ancient Dungeon Ancient


Level Name Type Region
91 Zartin Thresher Dragon Aqua Zartin Plains
91 Zartin Impcrown Dragon Swiftfoot Zartin Plains
91 Red Horn Swiftfoot Zartin Plains
92 Zartin Bristleback Dragon Stalwart Valden
92 Green Marble Stalwart North Piercing Wood
92 Ironwing Dragon Skytouched Auromia's Terrace
92 Crimson Ironwing Dragon Skytouched Auromia's Terrace (Rare)
93 Luketic Wolfwing Dragon Windrider West Luketic Forest
93-94 Luketic Rageclaw Dragon Paragon Luketic Valley
94 Devilish Ironclaw Dragon Paragon Bloodlust Crypt (Rare)
94 Orinth Aquaflyer Dragon Aqua Luketic Forest River
94 Blood Tail Paragon Luketic Valley
94 Scarlet Feeler Aqua Luketic Forest River
94 Khalon Rockback Dragon Aqua Khalon Beach
94 Luketic Spearcrown Dragon Stalwart South Luketic Forest
99 Scarlet Bloom Ancient Roaming
99 Indigo Stone Ironhide Stones
99 Verdant Fin Ancient Roaming
94 Crimson Thorn Ancient Ironwing Lair
Bloodlust Crypt
(All Rare)


Level Name Type Region
95 Anchor Soul Razorspine Bladeguard Underpass(Rare)
95 Brown Tooth Stalwart Fallow Valley
95 Jungle Razorspine Dragon Razorspine Crescent Tribe
95 Ralthon Plated Longtooth Dragon Stalwart Fallow Valley
96 Chiseltooth Ironclaw Dragon Paragon Painez Plateau
96 Painez Greenscale Skytouched Dragon Skytouched Painez Plateau
96-97 Yellowfin Thresher Dragon Dunestalker Tyre Lake
96-97 Bluefin Thresher Dragon Dunestalker Tyre Shore & River
97 Boneback Dunestalker Tyre Shore
97 Trihorn Browncrown Dragon Swiftfoot ?
98 Cinyorin Wolfwing Dragon Windrider Cinyorin Orchard
98 Flying Rock Skytouched Arkema Glade
98 Petrified Skytouched Dragon Skytouched Arkema Glade
98 Stonewater Aqua Dragon Aqua Scourger's Crypt
98 Viridescent Stalwart Moran Cavern (rare)
98 Whitemain Plated Longtooth Dragon Stalwart Arkema Glade
98 Calculus Ancient Nucleus of Time
98 Silver Wings Ancient Bladeguard Underpass and Moran Cavern
102 Son of Tyre Ancient Roaming
102 Green Hermit Ancient Roaming
102 Phantom Stone Assault Excretion


Level Name Type Region
100 Highland Horned Dragon Skytouched East of Soroto
101 Thunderbolt Rustwind Dragon Swiftfoot Hootwind Forest
101 Black Marsh Sapwing Dragon Windrider Slit Marsh
101 Crimson Rockore Dragon Stalwart Taron Valley
100 Woodland River Thresher Dragon Dunestalker Tonapah Woodland
103 Wasteland Razorspine Dragon Razorspine Mictian Moor
99 Tough Bristleback Dragon Stalwart Tonapah Sanctuary
102 Scavenging Spearcrown Dragon Skytouched Norden Kingdom
103 Barbtail Dragon Windrider Ashmond Mountains
103 Rockbone Assault Dragon Razorspine Mictlan's Corridor
102 Night Queen Skytouched Tonapah Tomb (Rare)
102 Skeleton Lord Razorspine Mictlan's Corridor (Rare)
107 Tonapah's Shadow Ironhide Roaming
107 Mountain Traveler Duskreaver Roaming
102 Magical Silver Duskreaver Tonapah Tomb, Mictlan's Corridor
Player's Phantasma Phantom Egg


Level Name Type Region
110 Twinhead Hydra Roaming
110 Death Phantom Phantom Roaming
Player's Indigo Flame Duskreaver Black Tower
Player's Hell Blood Duskreaver Unhatched Dragon Egg of Blessed Sitheran War
Player's Dragon Rock Fabled Ancient Unhatched Dragon Egg of Sitheran War
Player's Indigo Spike Ironhide Unhatched Dragon Egg of Sitheran War
104 Iron Tail Swiftfoot Miroth Fortress
105 Steel Blade Stalwart Black Tower

Baerton Frontier IslandsEdit

Level Name Type Region
39-47 53-55 Nightslayer Predator Dragon Skytouched Earthforge Isle, Gustwalker Isle, Tallpeak Isle, Windroot Isle
39-41 73-75 Skywind Predator Dragon Skytouched Ridgecrest Isle, Stormreach Isle, Windroot Isle
56-58 73-75 Ruby Cockatrice Dragon Skytouched Skygrasp Isle, Stormreach Isle
58-60 77-79 Nightstalker Cockatrice Dragon Skytouched Murkmire Isle, Stonecliff Isle, Stormreach Isle
39-47 Indigold Bristleback Dragon Stalwart Earthforge Isle, Ridgecrest Isle, Tallpeak Isle, Windroot Isle
56-58 75-79 Indigold Hardshell Dragon Stalwart Murkmire Isle, Skygrasp Isle, Stormreach Isle
56-58 73-75 Earthen Lancehead Dragon Stalwart Stonecliff Isle, Stormreach Isle
42-47 58-60 77-79 Mosshorn Raptor Dragon Swiftfoot Earthforge Isle, Stonecliff Isle, Stormreach Isle, Tallpeak Isle
56-58 Spirited Swiftfoot Dragon Swiftfoot Skygrasp Isle
56-58 Creeping Smokescale Dragon Swiftfoot Skygrasp Isle
77-79 Silver Bladeskin Dragon Swiftfoot Stormreach Isle
56-58 Whispering Cloudstrider Dragon Paragon Skygrasp Isle
45-47 56-58 Duskglow Wolfwing Dragon Windrider Dusklight Isle, Skygrasp Isle, Tallpeak Isle
39-47 53-55 58-60 Vile Skullhorn Dragon Windrider Earthforge Isle, Gustwalker Isle, Stonecliff Isle, Tallpeak Isle, Windroot Isle
73-75 Jungle Windrider Dragon Windrider Stormreach Isle
58-60 Blushing Thistlefang Dragon Windrider Stonecliff Isle
45-47 Snapping Mudtongue Dragon Aqua Dusklight Isle, Tallpeak Isle
56-58 73-75 Clearwater Aqua Dragon Aqua Stonecliff Isle, Stormreach Isle
58-60 Brightscale Thresher Dragon Aqua Firestorm Isle, Murkmire Isle
40-44 73-75 Rippleridge Tidewalker Dragon Dunestalker Earthforge Isle, Ridgecrest Isle, Stormreach Isle
39-44 53-60 77-79 Burrowhead Thrashtail Dragon Razorspine Earthforge Isle, Gustwalker Isle, Ridgecrest Isle, Stonecliff Isle, Stormreach Isle
56-58 73-75 Thorned Basilisk Dragon Razorspine Skygrasp Isle, Stormreach Isle

Baerton Frontier Island AncientsEdit

Level Name Type Region
95+ Xlantare's Offspring Fabled Ancient Tallpeak Isle, Mossfen Isle
95+ Savarkin's Offspring Fabled Ancient Gustwalker Isle, Murkmire Isle
95+ Skandarn's Offspring Fabled Ancient Snowdrift Isle, Stonecliff Isle
95+ Sophani's Offspring Fabled Ancient Skygrasp Isle
95+ Antillero's Offspring Fabled Ancient Darkshroud Isle
95+ Nadricura's Offspring Fabled Ancient Dusklight Isle, Firestorm Isle
95+ Kondrazi's Offspring Fabled Ancient Earthforge Isle


Level Name Type Region
Player's Golden Diode Ancient Laedis Hero Equipment
Player's Grim Reaper Ancient Laedis Hero Equipment
Player's Brilliant Blaze Skytouched Dragon Tournament
Player's Bright Spiked Dragon Swiftfoot Dragon Tournament
Player's Copper Cuff Hydra Dragon Tournament
Player's Deep Abyss Duskreaver Column of the Prophet
Player's Dark Dream Phantom Column of the Prophet
Player's Rhino Horn Dunestalker Column of the Prophet
Player's Darksteel Destroyer Paragon Kindred Compass
Player's Dragonfire Demolisher Paragon Kindred Compass
Player's Regal Fatespinner Mythical Kindred Compass
Player's Razorshade Rampager Stalwart Kindred Compass
Player's Stone Gaze Ironhide Stone Gaze Dragon Capsule
Player's Intrepid Blast Ironhide Laedis Academy Dedication
Player's Dismal Chill Hydra Laedis Academy Dedication
Player's Aphotic Glare Assault Laedis Academy Dedication
Player's Dayspring Fabled Ancient Road Quests
Player's Night Mist Hydra Road Quests
Player's Jadeite Ironhide Road Quests
Player's Vesper Assault Road Quests
Player's Nessus Hydra Treasure Hunting
Player's Bloodred Coral Ironhide Treasure Hunting
Player's Guardian of Lundahl Assault Treasure Hunting
Player's Pale Blue Aqua Egg Exclusive
Player's Emerald Scale Windrider Egg Exclusive
Player's Crystalline Stonescale Dragon Stalwart Egg Exclusive
Player's Golden Mask Stalwart Egg Exclusive
Player's Shadetouched Ironclaw Dragon Paragon Egg Exclusive
Player's Brasten Linba Swiftfoot Egg Exclusive
Player's Brasten Thess Aqua Egg Exclusive
Player's Brasten Yami Skytouched Egg Exclusive
Player's Brasten Hanter Assault Egg Exclusive
Player's Brasten Weiss Windrider Egg Exclusive

Marketplace DragonsEdit

Level Name Type Region
Player's Abyssal Champion Fabled Ancient Marketplace
Player's Amethyst Fortune Eastern Marketplace
Player's Ancient Prophecy Swiftfoot Marketplace
Player's Arid Blast Ironhide Marketplace
Player's Blackfog Fabled Ancient Marketplace
Player's Blue Mist Paragon Marketplace
Player's CBS Dragon Skytouched Marketplace
Player's Chaotic Terror Fabled Ancient Marketplace
Player's Coalsteel Volle Fabled Ancient Marketplace
Player's Cold Fusion Hydra Marketplace
Player's Creeping Nightfall Fabled Ancient Marketplace
Player's Darkmoon Light Fabled Ancient Marketplace
Player's Darkmoon Hydra Marketplace
Player's Darknight Carina Fabled Ancient Marketplace
Player's Deathscream Mythical Marketplace
Player's Demondream Mythical Marketplace
Player's Endless Sea Fabled Ancient Marketplace
Player's Eternal Darkness Fabled Ancient Marketplace
Player's Faroley the Divine Brilliance Fabled Ancient Marketplace
Player's Ferocious Duality Hydra Marketplace
Player's Fiveclaw Gold Eastern Marketplace
Player's Gnarlhorn Skytouched Marketplace
Player's Golu Fabled Ancient Marketplace
Player's Hellstone Fabled Ancient Marketplace
Player's Icecraft Fabled Ancient Marketplace
Player's Iced Lightning Hydra Marketplace
Player's Illusion Night Mythical Marketplace
Player's Immortal Lightning Fabled Ancient Marketplace
Player's Immortal Torment Fabled Ancient Marketplace
Player's Infernal Devourer Fabled Ancient Marketplace
Player's Intrepid Charger Stalwart Marketplace
Player's Jade Marble Fabled Ancient Marketplace
Player's Jadeite Elaine Fabled Ancient Marketplace
Player's Jagged Ice Fabled Ancient Marketplace
Player's Legra Fabled Ancient Marketplace
Player's Lethal Grasp Fabled Ancient Marketplace
Player's Lord Nagafen Fabled Ancient Marketplace
Player's Lord of the Abyss Fabled Ancient Marketplace
Player's Maron Fabled Ancient Marketplace
Player's Meteorite Fabled Ancient Marketplace
Player's Miller Thomas Ancient Marketplace
Player's Monarch Dragon Skytouched Marketplace
Player's Morning Sky Assault Marketplace
Player's Notta Artemis Ancient Marketplace
Player's Nova Stormchaser Ancient Marketplace
Player's Onyx Fortune Eastern Marketplace
Player's Opal Fortune Eastern Marketplace
Player's Painted Skitter Swiftfoot Marketplace
Player's Pinkmist Fabled Ancient Marketplace
Player's Platinum Fabled Ancient Marketplace
Player's Poison Shredder Razorspine Marketplace
Player's Pondi Fabled Ancient Marketplace
Player's Psychic Phantasm Assault Marketplace
Player's Pyle Daphne Ancient Marketplace
Player's Randolph Mythical Marketplace
Player's Red Coral Fabled Ancient Marketplace
Player's Red Lotus Razorspine Marketplace
Player's Ruby Fortune Eastern Marketplace
Player's Runewake Dragon Fabled Ancient Marketplace
Player's Rusted Blade Assault Marketplace
Player's Sapphire Fortune Eastern Marketplace
Player's Savage Shockwave Skytouched Marketplace
Player's Scathing Rancor Fabled Ancient Marketplace
Player's Seamoon Fabled Ancient Marketplace
Player's Searing Rage Fabled Ancient Marketplace
Player's Serpentine Fog Fabled Ancient Marketplace
Player's Setting Sun Skytouched Marketplace
Player's Shadow Shredder Razorspine Marketplace
Player's Shining Seraph Mythical Marketplace
Player's Silversnow Volle Fabled Ancient Marketplace
Player's Skitter Claws Swiftfoot Marketplace
Player's Skitterbunny Swiftfoot Marketplace
Player's Snow Wings Fabled Ancient Marketplace
Player's Snowheart Fabled Ancient Marketplace
Player's Steel Demon Skytouched Marketplace
Player's Sunset Fabled Ancient Marketplace
Player's Tarnished Reflection Fabled Ancient Marketplace
Player's Thorned Autumn Fabled Ancient Marketplace
Player's Thorned Rose Fabled Ancient Marketplace
Player's Vibrant Thunder Fabled Ancient Marketplace
Player's Winter Solstice Fabled Ancient Marketplace
Player's Withering Gaze Fabled Ancient Marketplace
Player's Yuchi Lex Fabled Ancient Marketplace
Player's Bionic Force Ancient Marketplace

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