Vital Statistics
Level 20-22
Zone Puretia
Region Tangaroa Abandoned Quarry
Family Aqua
Running Speed 160%
Swimming Speed 180%
Companion Support 12%
Ss (2014-06-22 at 05.59.21)

Dragon CompendiumEdit

"An Aqua Dragon exiled from Lake Krent in Puretia for unknown reasons, Lockjaw hoped to find a new home in the Tangaroa Abandoned Mine. Unfortunately this brought it into conflict with the local Goblins who subsequently subdued and subjugated the once proud creature."


Lockjaw can be found in the Tangaroa Abandoned Quarry boss room, to the right. Another possible spawn, is near the second group of Goblin Miners at the bottom of the second spiral staircase leading to a cliff. Lockjaw has the same coloration as Blood Fin.

Lockjaw has a chance to spawn at both locations in one run.

Dragon EggsEdit

This dragon comes from the following Unhatched Dragon Eggs:


LockJaw (Rare) Dragon

LockJaw (Rare) Dragon

Lock Jaw (Rare) Location and Capture

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