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  • new game i am playing ,deficnce i am playin with darkness calling there but that game i dont think u like, if u still wish to cap mounts or pet , try "riders of icarus" damn those dragons there r focking goodlooking and u can cap and kill them all u want n nobody will piss at u, sometimes u need to kill them to get drop to tame them, the taming part r base on luck i think see u there if u want

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    • no thx i wait for them to go free to play ,atm i am doing all the char in riders, learnin are they right for me, so far only guardian fits me, am waiting for them to add the ranger in the game

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    • Guardianwave

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey, it's me your old pal Hydale. Just thought I'd let you know that I've started a new character and am playing again...

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  • Hi old friend, msg me bcause I would really like to know "why????"

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  • I see that you are inactive on your skype, so is there a way i can add you? lets say on steam or a new skype account?

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  • Hi, 0Yuuyake0!

    I was wondering if you had an opinion on this site being included in the new gaming footers? We'd love for the Dragon's Prophet community to be included!

    Best regards,


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  • Can we please talk about last changes ? ASAP ?

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  • Hello! I mentioned to Oric a few weeks ago that I wanted to lend myself to help fill in information on the side quests, becuase many a time I've gone to try and find a quest and found that I can't locate easy info on it. He said I should come and find you, and since the egg I'm holding is drawing close to finally hatching, I thought I should come make an account on the wiki and drop you a line.

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    • Welcome! ^^

      Which quests are you interested in specifically? It sounds like you might mean the hidden quests is that correct?

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    • Actually, not even the hidden quests, it was just average side quests, but when I'd go to google the quest names or throw them at the wiki it wouldn't come up with any results. And it was always that I'd missed some silly step, but I had to dig for a looong time to figure out what that silly thing even was.

      I don't remember every quest I've had that issue with, but I know that in particular there was one in- inartia, I believe, that starts as one quest and expands into 3 interwoven quests to find a murderer, a painting forger, and a statue thief or something. Took me forever to find anything, had to resort to watching a playthrough video (which I hate, always perfer reading through written material) to figure out what I was forgetting.

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    • Ah so just basically quests in general! xD One of the most asked for/complained about things I find happen to be quests.. but.. the sheer number of them..yeah you get it. :(

      So anyway first, are you comfortable adding me on Skype if you happen to have it? The reason being is I could easily screenshare the wiki and help show you maybe where to find things, how to add a quest quickly, share tricks, etc! Basically teach and help you out since I know a lot of people won't touch anything for fear of messing something up, etc. If you do not have Skype any other voice program would work for better communication. If you have no voice programs I will type to you in paragraphs such as this! xD

      When you decide you are ready know that you can start with anything you want. No rules on doing a particular zone or certain types of quests. The only thing would be to follow the quest formats which is easy. So if you happen to be in Thadrea and you have some gold quest not on here you wanna type up, by all means do it!

      Some ways I tend to do things from preference is to pick a particular zone like Olandra and go through one color quest at a time, green, gold, etc. Compile them in screenshots, and go back later and just convert the screenshots to text with a website. Basically at this point:

      1. Copy and paste blank quest format

      2. Copy paste text from screenshots

      3. Publish quest

      An idea to make the whole thing perhaps fun, a collaboration on zones or maybe put a daily goal of quests to publish for each of us (even if working on different zones). If it sounds interesting to you of course. :3

      Anyway I can ramble for hours about this place so I'll stop here and see what you think! So much writing but barely scratched the surface.

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    • I've been thinking a lot about quest formats. I was going to offer to make a new character and go through from point one, taking screenshots to add to the quest pages in appropriate places.

      I do have skype! I'm Verscilith on skype, too.

      If/when I undertake this project, I'd probably start from the beginning, just due to starting with a new character.

      A daily quest number could be fun. I haven't even maxed my main yet, though, so I'd prefer if the number was a touch low so I could still play a bit.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I'm enjoying this game very much but now i have a problem in a storyline mission the mission name is investigate dunar chasm level53 I can't find those marauders to kill them the mission want me to defeat all of them but i cant find them I'm in korhala. Help me please.

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  • Hello, I'm french player of Dragon's Prophet, I have a Wiki about Dragon's Prophet.

    Your article is fabulous, can I take any one of your writing ? 

    I would link your written at the end of writing including.

    thank you for the attention you give at my message ans sorry for my english ^^

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  • I like what you have done in this place, so neat and professional. Good Job :)

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