Pale Radiance
Pale Radiance
Vital Statistics
Level 35
Zone Puretia
Region Lake Krent
Family Fabled Ancient
Running Speed 170%
Flight Speed 170%
Gliding Speed 170%
Title Pale Radiance's Shadow
Companion Support 12%

Pale Radiance is a level 35 Fabled Ancient Dragon found in Puretia. Pale Radiance is a Stonerock Model Dragon and is colored in shades of blue and green. It has a fairly rugged appearance and a spiked club on the end of its tail.

Pale's route ranges from the river near Parsing Backwoods all the way to the Lake Krent Area. Pale has a spawn pattern of every four days spawning on the fourth day once and the spawn day will be reset if there is a game maintenance to the day of the maintenance or the day after.

Pale can also be captured from Draconic Flutes with minimum level for spawning it being around 35.

Dragon CompendiumEdit

"'It's like a ray of light shining through from the darkest place!' -This is how the first travelers to see Pale Radiance described it. The tacit guardian of Puretia, Pale Radiance has no patience or tolerance for the villains of Auratia and will dispense punishment with a heavy claw. Quick tempered but just Pale Radiance protects its home from any who would dare threaten any in it."

Quick Guide

Zone Ancient

Dungeon Ancient no
Roaming Ancient Yes

Melodic & Resonating Draconic Flutes

Other Dragon Flutes no
Clear Energy Flutes no
Marketplace Egg no


Other Purchase no
Other Special Process no
Special Reward no
Dragon Incubation Yes

Dragon Eggs (Expand to View)Edit

This dragon comes from the following Unhatched Dragon Eggs:



Pale Radiance pathway 2 (gloriously flew across the lake) - Dragon's prophet05:48

Pale Radiance pathway 2 (gloriously flew across the lake) - Dragon's prophet

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