In the lands of Auratia, you will encounter or participate in various events that are happening over the world. In Dragon's Prophet, these events are called Public Events. Players will be notified by the game when they have entered a region that has a Public Event.

PE Rank

D Rank

Players will be able to gain experience for the first time they complete each Public Event daily as well as a Dragon Shard Pouch.

As the name implies, these events are public and open for anyone in the area to participate in. Multiple people participating will all receive credit as long as they have a ranking which can be found on the right side of the screen above the event requirements. Do keep in mind though that Public Events typically scale to however many people are inside them which means the more people participating the more enemies or items you will have to kill or gather.

The Public Event ranking goes as follows: D, C, B, A, and S being the highest. 

Bakra Public Events
Satuma Public Events
Puretia Public Events
Laedis Public Events
Wynnadia Public Events
Sitheran Public Events