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Raging Storm

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Raging Storm
Raging Storm
Vital Statistics
Level 10
Zone Puretia
Region Consus Cave (rare)
Family Skytouched
Running Speed 160%
Flight Speed 170%
Gliding Speed 170%

Raging Storm is a level 10 Avian Dragon (rare) found inside Consus Cave. Also when you get to a turnoff go left and you will find that their is a crossroad you go straight forward and walk across a broken bridge at the end of the bridge then you will see a den a crack walk though it and kill everything in the room then Raging Storm appears but this doesnt work all the time.

Dragon Soul SkillsEdit

Elite SkillsEdit

Riding SkillsEdit

Winding Speed Winding Speed

Combat SkillsEdit


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