Recursive Nightmare
Resursive Nightmare
Vital Statistics
Level 95
Zone Alentia
Region (Eastern half)
Family Fabled Ancient
Running Speed 170%
Flight Speed 170%
Gliding Speed 170%
Wild HP 1846683
Title Recursive Nightmare's Dreamweaver
Recursive Map

Recursive Nightmare is a level 95 Fabled Ancient Dragon found in Alentia. It is a Beastly Fat Model Dragon, and is colored dark red with flames and accents of black.

If there is a game maintenance it will be reset to spawn on the day of the maintenance or the day after.

Dragon CompendiumEdit

"It seems to have emerged from the most terrifying abyss to bring a nightmare to the world. Those who look into its blood red eyes will shudder from the depths of their souls and fall into madness. Only fearless warriors can overcome this mental pressure and win its sincere friendship. Many Osiran seeking to test their courage search for its trail in Alentia."

Quick Guide

Zone Ancient

Alentia, around Dragonheart Temple
Dungeon Ancient no
Roaming Ancient Yes

Melodic & Resonating Draconic Flutes

Clear Energy Flutes Yes
Other Dragon Flutes no
Marketplace Egg no


Other Purchase no
Other Special Process no
Special Reward no
Dragon Incubation Yes

Dragon Eggs (Expand to View)Edit

This dragon comes from the following Unhatched Dragon Eggs:


Part of Recursive Nightmare's flight path near Bloodpike Arch is bugged. It will fly up to the waterfall as normal, then walk through a rock wall and stand in the air between the two buildings by the bridge for several minutes before walking through another rock wall and continuing on its path.