Book of advanture

Quest SummaryEdit

  • Recommended level: 20
  • Pre-requisite quests:

Quest Summary TextEdit

  • Details
    • Although it may look like that these mercenaries were hired by the merchants just to fend off Wolfmen, they are actually men of Nethergloom. As you can see, we are no match against the reinforced Blackclaw Wolfmen. Those Blackclaw Wolfmen harass us every now and then, so now we really need your help. This gentlemen next to you must be Tahkar Village's village chief, Mr. Rykar? I hear he's a famous Osira. I have some things that I want to consult with him on. Can you first assist the mercenaries in defeating those Blackclaw Marauders around here who have come to harass us?

Completion RequirementsEdit

Quest RewardsEdit

  • Expicon 1441 Experience Points
  • 5 Standard Healing Potion (Medium)

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