Satuma, located in Mangard, which forms the western part of Auratia, is a large plain filled with lakes and rivers and surrounded by high mountains. Water is an important element in the life of Satuma, with many villages populated by fishermen.


During the First Dragon War, numerous battles were fought in Satuma, each changing the wide plains a bit more, eventually turning it into a massive natural lake where all the main rivers in Mangard meet. Notable villages include Hunak, which is located just above the Kylar Abyss, the point where all the rivers in Satuma meet. To the east of Hunak lies an ancient and lush forest, the Avanah Forest, which is the main source of construction materials in the area but also shelters fierce and terrible Forest Giants.

Satuma of the PastEdit

Satuma was originally one of the three starting zones of the game along with Bakra and Puretia released in closed beta and existed up until the end of open beta. Upon the games full release Satuma was closedalong with Bakra with no real reason given to players except to re-purposethem for future use. 

Satuma of the PresentEdit

Satuma was re-opened on January 29th, 2015 with the majority of the map blocked with barriers restaining the player to a small area in Avanah Forest. A new Public Event for 102 Laedis Hero Equipment upgrades was put in place where the player is able to go. Completing the event will reward teleportations to Omati Gorge, Silia Shrine, and Mount Sorintha.

The European Community Manager has stated Runewaker has rejected the ideaof the old Satuma ever returning.