Book of advanture

Satuma Quests by RegionEdit


Zaro SandbankEdit

Derutar HollowEdit

Avanah's Omen (Dungeon)Edit

Woodwind FarmEdit


Avanah ForestEdit

Wayfarer LookoutEdit

Deyarka Bastille (Dungeon)Edit

Rykar EncampmentEdit

Tahkar ValleyEdit

Tahkar VillageEdit

Tahkar MountainsEdit

Tahkar Mountain PassEdit

Deyarka Keep (Dungeon)Edit

Shax RemnantsEdit

Kanze PointEdit

Kanze ValleyEdit

Muller DigEdit

Morne VillageEdit

Silia Shrine (Dungeon)Edit

Fishbone EnclaveEdit

Greenthorn PostEdit

Koramos TempleEdit

Oristan CampEdit

Lake OristanEdit

Timberthorn CitadelEdit

Oristan WoodlandsEdit

Koramos PassEdit

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