Savarkin's Offspring
Savarkin's Offspring
Vital Statistics
Level 95+
Zone Baerton Gustwalker Isle, Baerton Murkmire Isle, Drathgor Spiritwind Isle, Drathgor Dawncaller Isle
Family Fabled Ancient
Running Speed 170%
Flight Speed 170%
Gliding Speed 170%
Title Vengeance of Savarkin's Offspring

Savarkin's Offspring is a Fabled Ancient Dragon found as a rare reward from doing public events in Baerton Gustwalker IsleBaerton Murkmire Isle, Drathgor Spiritwind Isle, and Drathgor Dawncaller Isle. It is a Fat model dragon and is colored deep green with orange spikes.

On the North American servers Savarkin was sold in the Marketplace for 999SC beginning on 5-9-2014.

Savarkin can be obtained from a speical dragon egg or flute as a reward from the Territory Public Event: Hold the Fort. Chests purchased with Warforged Insignias at the Citadel also have a low chance of rewarding the flute. The chances of Savarkin appearing from the flute instead of another ancient is uncommon but not rare.

Dragon CompendiumEdit

"With a bulky frame, this dragon was blessed with great strength and a propensity for destruction. Daring Osirans can summon it with a Draconic Flute made with Snowdrift Energy from the Sky Islands and keyed to it's specific frequency."

Quick Guide

Zone Ancient

Dungeon Ancient no
Roaming Ancient no

Melodic & Resonating Draconic Flutes

Clear Energy Flutes no
Other Dragon Flutes Yes
Marketplace Egg  999SC


Other Purchase no
Other Special Process no
Special Reward no
Dragon Incubation Yes

Dragon EggsEdit

This dragon comes from the following Unhatched Dragon Eggs:

  • Moss Green - Purple (30%) - Savarkin's Offspring ||| Blue (70%) - Ebony Thorn / Midnight Shade
    • Unhatched Dragon Egg obtained through Territory Quest: Hold the Fort.