Seal-Breaking Scale Powder
Seal-Breaking Scale Powder
Marketplace Item
Marketplace Costs
Type General Item
Diamond Cost 269
Daybreak Cash Cost 150
Dragon Insignia Cost 250 (NA) / 650 (EU)
A refined mixture of powdered scales from various rare beasts. It can lift all kinds of seals.


  • Unsealing Sealed Melodic and Resonating flutes. Note: When using it to unseal a flute, the flute will be automatically used and will summon a dragon.
  • Unsealing Skyhammer Gachas

Obtaining MethodsEdit

  • Extracting Humming Draconic Flutes - (Approx. 1/500 odds.)
  • Extracting Tiny Amount of Napolite Ore 
  • Marketplace
  • DI Marketplace
  • Caring for other players dragon eggs

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