Book of advanture


Quest SummaryEdit

  • Quest Giver: Tavern Owner
  • Recommended level:
  • Next quest:

Quest Summary TextEdit

Brief OverviewEdit

  • Leave Fatoia and hunt Darkbelly Boar. Get six Darkbelly Boar Skin and give them to Tavern Owner back in town.

Note: the original quest summary states that the player must obtain six Darkbelly Boar Skin, but the quest itself requires eight.


  • So our mine's been having troubles lately, and there were problems with the cable car, too. Not a lot of people are coming through nowadays, so we have to find some new hooks to attract visitors. Actually, I've got a secret recipe which uses Darkbelly Boar Skin to make a refreshing and delicious dish. I'd like to try and see if I can use this dish to attract more people. Hehe! But before that, I'd need to collect enough ingredients. If you can bring Darkbelly Boar Skin here, I'm willing to pay you and buy from you directly.

Completion RequirementsEdit

  • Obtain Darkbelly Boar Skin 0/8

Quest Completion TextEdit

Quest RewardsEdit


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