Book of advanture
Seething Cave
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Seething Cave
Vital statistics
Type Instance
Level  ?
Location Bakra
Inhabitants ?


  • Name of Dungeon: Avanah Omen
  • Location: Bakra
  • Type: Instance
  • Players: Solo (explore) or Group (adventure)
  • Rare Dragon: Squelch
  • Dungeon Ancient: Emerald Crystal

Entrance TextEdit

People have stayed away from Seething Cave due to the presence of the Wolfmen. Recently however, ancient literature from the Ayron Ruins has revealed that the Shax had stored powerful things inside the cave during the Second Dragon War which contributed to their dominance during battle, including the Shax's technology, literature, and even treasure. This revelation has captured the attention of many people of various intent, resulting in an increase in the number of people trying to enter Seething Cave.

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