Shade Chaser
Shade Chaser
Vital Statistics
Level 10
Zone Satuma
Region Avanah's Omen
Family Windrider
Running Speed 175%
Gliding Speed 180%
Shade Chaser Location

Dragon Compendium Edit

"A Windrider Dragon that lives in the Avanah's Omen region of Satuma, it's unusual shade of indigo sets it apart from other Stalking Wolfwing Dragons. The so called "Ghost" of the region, many thought Shade Chaser was little more than legend until recent events drew it further out of it's natural habitat."


Going till you pass a thin rock bridge, there should be either a monkey laying down or few Omen Raptor Dragons and Greedy Omen Dragons swooping down. Go past them and on the left side there should be a small cave with 3 Omen Raptor Dragons in it. Shade Chaser spawns right in front of that cave at level 10.


  • Shade Chaser was also obtainable from the Login Reward event during April, 2014. Shade Chaser's egg was the first login reward and awarded the title "Shade Chaser's Baron" when opened.
  • Shade Chaser's Beta name was "Avanah Shadowcaster Dragon"