Silver Blade
Silver Blade2
Vital Statistics
Level 23
Zone Satuma
Region Kanze Valley (Public Event)
Family Windrider
Running Speed 175%
Gliding Speed 180%
Wild HP 43086
Silverblade location

Dragon CompendiumEdit

"Powerful, stealthy, and intelligent, Satuma's Silver Blade can attack so quickly that survivors often claim they had only seen a flash of silvery light before losing conscious." [1]


Silver Blade appears in the last part of the Public Event: Kanze Valley Residents.


  • In the early access CBT he had an unusually high amount of health and the blue and black 'legendary' border making him exteremely tough to capture.



  1. Any grammatical or spelling errors in the compendium description appear within the description itself, and have been left in for accuracy.

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