Vital Statistics
Level 35
Zone Laedis
Region Skywo Plains
Family Swiftfoot
Running Speed 180%
Title Skitter's Sidekick
Skitter location

Skitter is a Swiftfoot Dragon found in Laedis. Skitter is often thought of as an honorary ancient dragon because he awards a title upon capture. Skitter is a raptor-type dragon, and is bright blue with an orange muzzle and large yellow eyes on each side of its head. It is found east of Skywo Plains around the Pop-Eyed Chicken Dragon Master. Skitter shares a spawn location with the Neurotic Skitterbeak Dragon and may spawn after they are killed. Skitter can also be captured from Draconic Flutes.

Skitter's unique and somewhat "toilet" apperance have made it one of the most recognizable and iconic dragons within the game. For a brief period, Skitter was renamed to "Legendary Demented Fategrazer Dragon" but after public outcry within the game, the original name was returned. Interestingly, Skitters Beta name was "Legendary Bulging Eye Chicken Dragon".

Players who received Skitter from the Heroic Dragon Gotcha will receive the title "Skitter Fanclub Member".

Dragon CompendiumEdit

"Undeniable pack leader of the Demented Fategazer Dragons, Skitter's innocent appearance belies it's true nature. Cunning and savage, few Laedis adventurers have returned from it's domain."


  • Skitter could be a dragon design inspired by Velocidrome from Monster Hunter.
Quick Guide

Zone Ancient

Spawn can be triggered randomly by killing Neurotic Skitterbeak Dragon

Dungeon Ancient no
Roaming Ancient no

Melodic & Resonating Draconic Flutes

Other Dragon Flutes no
Marketplace Egg no
Gotcha Heroic Dragon Gotcha
Other Purchase no
Other Special Process no
Special Reward no
Dragon Incubation Yes


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